ECE R80 describes two alternative test procedures to validate occupant safety of bus seats. Static loads are applied or the seats have to fulfill dynamic. ECE R80 – 关于客车座椅以及客车针对座椅结构的UNECE法规,此为法规的原始 版本以及对该版本的一些列修订和勘误。 对本法规的第2次修订已经. R Strength of seats and their anchorages for M2 and/or M3 http://www.

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In the case where negative results are recorded during one of these visits, the competent authority shall ensure that all necessary steps are taken to re-establish the conformity of production as rapidly as possible. Care shall be exercised to ensure that no exterior downward or lateral loads are applied to the 3 DH machine. Furthermore, the average deceleration fce be comprised between 6. According to the products.

The first digit is an Arabic numeral and designates the row of seats, counting from the front to the rear of the vehicle. Requirements for a vehicle type Upon receiving the relevant communication that authority shall inform thereof the other Parties to the Agreement applying this Regulation by means of a communication form conforming to the f80 in annex 1 and or annex 2 to this Regulation. China hard plastic seat China plastic seat and back China seat ee seat shell.

If the seat occupant s is are correctly retained by the seat s in front of him them. Alternately, lift each foot off the floor the minimum necessary amount until no additional foot movement is obtained. If the feet then rest on parts of the floor which are at different levels, the foot which first comes into contact with the front seat shall serve as a reference and the other foot shall be so arranged that the spirit level giving the transverse orientation of the seat of the device indicates the horizontal; 4.

Back and seat pans The back and seat pans are constructed of reinforced plastic and metal; they simulate the human torso and thigh and are mechanically hinged at the “H” point.

The area of the seating position contacted by the 3 DH machine shall be covered by a muslin cotton, of sufficient size and appropriate texture, described as a plain cotton fabric having The “H” point is located in the centre of the centreline of the device which is between the “H” point sight buttons on either side of the 3 DH machine.

Each manikin required shall be installed on a seat in accordance with the following procedure: Arrangement of the approval mark for a vehicle type The above approval mark, affixed to a vehicle, shows that this type of vehicle has been approved in the Netherlands E4 under number with regard to the strength of the anchorages on the vehicle.


This device is described in appendix 1 to this annex; “‘H’ point” means the pivot centre of the torso and thigh of the 3 DH machine installed in the vehicle seat in accordance with paragraph 4 below. Its first two digits at present 00 for the Regulation in its original form shall indicate the series of amendments incorporating the most recent major technical amendments made to the Regulation at the time of issue of the approval.

The actual torso angle corresponds theoretically to the design torso angle for tolerances see paragraph 3. As the case may be, the approval mark shall be placed on the seat or seats or on, or close to, the data plate affixed to the vehicle by the manufacturer. Thank you for purchasing our products, if you are in the course of the product have any quality or technical questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to provide you spare parts supply and technical support.

If the seat occupant s is are not seriously injured. Penalties for non-conformity of production Structure, shape, dimensions and materials of the load bearing parts; Types and dimensions of the seat back adjustment and locking system; Dimensions, structure and materials of the attachments and supports e. Number of report issued by that service: Annex 8 – Procedure for determining the “H” point and the actual torso angle for seating positions in motor vehicles This footing shall be described on the communication form.

There shall be affixed, conspicuously and in a readily accessible place specified on the approval form, to every seat conforming to a seat type approved under this Regulation and to every vehicle conforming to a vehicle type approved under this Regulation an international approval mark consisting of: PURPOSE The procedure described in this annex is used to establish the “H” point location and the actual torso angle for one or several seating positions in a motor vehicle and to verify the relationship of measured data to design specifications given by the vehicle manufacturer.

Once determined in accordance with the procedure described in paragraph 4, the “H” point is considered fixed in relation to the seat-cushion structure and to move with it when the seat is adjusted; “‘R’ point” or “seating reference point” means a design point defined by the vehicle manufacturer for each seating position and established with respect to the three-dimensional reference system; 2.


This operation shall be performed twice, without the torso moving, the head shall be placed in a position such that the platform supporting the measuring instruments contained in the head is horizontal and that the median sagittal plane of the head is parallel to that of the vehicle.

The parts of the back of the seat such as adjustment devices for the seat and accessories shall not be subject to any requirements of paragraph 5. The forces indicated in paragraph 3.

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Where a seat consists of more than one seating position, the forces corresponding to each seating position shall be applied simultaneously and there shall be as many upper and lower forms as seating positions.

In order to verify that the requirements of r8 7.

The normal frequency of inspections authorized by eec competent authority shall be one per year. Subsequent numbers shall be assigned to other countries in the chronological order in which they ratify or accede to the Agreement concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions of Approval and Reciprocal Recognition of Approval for Motor Vehicle Equipment and Parts, and the numbers thus assigned shall be communicated by the Fce of the United Nations to the Contracting Parties to the Agreement.

Each cylindrical surface shall be equipped with at least one force transducer able to measure the forces applied in the direction defined in paragraph 3. The competent authority which has granted type approval may at any time verify the conformity control methods applicable to each production unit and carry out on samples any test deemed necessary among the tests carried out for the approval. Shoe and foot assemblies are efe to measure the foot angle.

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Overseas service or not? An approval number shall be assigned to each type approved. The force F shall be determined by the following formula: The number of this Regulation, followed by the letter R, a dash and the approval number, placed to the right of the circle prescribed in paragraph 4.