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Eberspacher D1LC Compact

Subscribe Get digital edition. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Eberspacher D1 Heater not working with pictures. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Eberspacher D1 Heater not working with pictures One of the last remaining issues with my boat and I thought I better check it out and see if it is going to be a cheap or expensive fix. I have a Eberpacher D1L 12v heater on a Sadler It’s not working currently and the owner before me really didnt have much to say about it other than “something is wrong with it, but we never both to look.

It used to work, now it doesn’t, it could be a fuse or it could be something more serious”.

I originally thought that because the previous owners had it on a swinging moor, that it may have just been ‘broken’ because of low charge.

Boat is connected to shore power and still doesnt work, and the engine has been running when i’ve tried and still not success, so that rules out that option. I wont individually link the images here, because there are quite a few- so I have made a photo album with titles on each image. Link to photo album here: There ebespacher no buttons or switches directly on the D1L heater which is in the transom locker, near the gas locker.


Also no thermostat, so not sure how the actual heating works.

Would I just flick it on and then turn it off manually when I got too hot? I guess what I am initially saying is that, how do I turn it on? Because if I pull it out then nothing happens at all. If I am trying to turn it on incorrectly or need to something before pulling out the toggle then what is that?

Just trying to workout how I can find out what is wrong and resolve it. Eberspacher D1 Heater not working with pictures I guess the first thing to check might be whether there’s any power reaching the push-pull switch. I think this has a light in the knob, which ought to light up when you pull the switch to turn it on. If, as you say, there are no lights, then it’s possible that there’s no power v1 the switch.

Eberspacher D1LC & D1LCC Parts

So you eberspacherr to check the power supply to the control box. There’s usually fberspacher inline fuse in this wiring, in a black plastic holder, and it’s prone to corroding. So try to find it, check it, and reassemble. With no thermostat, you’ve guessed correctly that you need to turn it off when you get too hot.

Ebers I’ve encountered in the past have had some sort of heat control. I don’t think the switch by the two socket outlets are anything to do with it.

As it looks like a v job. It may be the control for the immersion heater in your hot water tank if there is one.

When you get a new boat, its a good idea to trace all the wiring and draw a wiring diagram me. When you find out about the connection, connecting red to yellow I think should trigger the thing to start. It does look as though the pull switch has an integral green light which should light up when its on. Originally Posted by pvb. I guess the first thing to check might be whether there’s any power reaching the push-pull switch.


Originally Posted by ghostlymoron. There will be wiring going from the heater to the battery, perhaps via a switch panel. You need to look in this wiring for the inline fuse.

eberspacher d1 | eBay

There’s no point investigating the push-pull switch, eberspacger this gets its power from the ECU, and if it doesn’t light up it’s likely there’s no power reaching the heater system. The rubber bung on top of the heater housing gives access to an overheat reset switch, you could try pressing this in case that’s why there’s no eberspadher getting to the ECU. The control box is the ECU.

As far as I know there are no dual voltage units so its probably a 24v unit with a stepper. The auction still has a day To go during which time the price will often double. Eberspacher D1 Heater not working with pictures That one still no bids does seem cheap whether 12v or 24v. I think OP’s existing is more like this one: The eerspacher in the pull-switch would still be on unless the bulb has failed; The fan would also still start eberspwcher the 2A fuse in the control box has blown.

Most likely is still that no power at all is getting to the control box. Originally Posted by David I would consider getting something a little larger, I would consider a D4 underpowered for a 32 footer.

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