A presentation of the tray menu and submenus. A quick tutorial about the Xdebug Manager module for Devserver. Codeshot for Devserver. Type: module. Requirement: Devserver.

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To get your first website running, just go to the control panel and under the Modules section start the HTTP service.

Installation guide for Windows using EasyPHP – MoodleDocs

Host websites on your Windows computer. But becoming a full stack web developer requires a lot of skill, dedication, and practice on real-life projects. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. EasyPHP Webserver turns your Windows computer eaxyphp a web server where you can host all your garage projects and see how they turn up on the internet.

EasyPHP Webserver: Host websites on your Windows computer

April 23, at 2: Are you a budding web developer and do you code your back-end in PHP? Modules and Components, however, will be made available for Webserver very shortly.


Any fixes for this? Similarly, you can start the database service if your website requires a SQL database.

EasyPHP Webserver: Host websites on your Windows computer

You need to allow access to all the popups. EasyPHP Webserver is an amazing tool that documentatioon sure to interest you. It is a great tool to see how your projects will perform in the real world. Just install it and start your services and you have a web server running and hosting your files.

Control Panel is a place where all the information about your web server is displayed you can tweak or customize your web server. Easypup sites are everywhere these days and web developers are in a lot of demand. Your email address will not be published. I ran easyphp as admin. It lets you host your projects real fast and without any unnecessary configurations. April 23, at 1: EasyPHP basically installs all the major components required for website development.

You can also install a System service that makes sure that the web server is always running in the background and it starts with Windows. EasyPHP is fully configurable, and you can configure each and every aspect of your own web server.


Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. Although you cannot provide the same level of security to your applications as documenttation by professional hosting services, but still, EasyPHP is a great tool if you just want to test your applications or run them for a short period of time.

EasyPHP is very easy to use and it is an absolutely no configuration tool. Now you can place your website files in the directory documemtation by the HTTP server and your website will be up and running.