Consult FUJIFILM Europe’s DRYPIX Plus brochure on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/2. Find out all of the information about the FUJIFILM Europe product: X-ray film printer DRYPIX PLUS. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a . DRY PIX PLUS by Fujifilm Middle East FZE is featured in the Omnia Global Medical Directory.

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After using the manual, keep it nearby for future reference. NOTE The following path accesses the step test pattern: Control limit Step 1 Step 5 Step 10 Step If so, circle the srypix of control data points, correct the cause of the problem refer to the Performance and Corrective Action section of this document and repeat the test.


Some variation from the published values may be caused by slight differences between the measurements of the internal printer densitometer and the external densitometer used at the site.

The measured density steps should not exceed the range listed above. If problems are detected, corrective action must be taken before clinical films are processed under less than optimal conditions.

Film is produced in batches.

Fujifilm DryPix Plus Operation Manual | PDF | MedWrench

There may be slight variations in the characteristics of the film between batches. In addition, film aging and storage conditions can also affect the sensitometric characteristics of the film. The source of the problem must be corrected before any mammographic images are printed. Test Contents Mechanical Output test pattern films to make sure that there are no mechanical transportation errors or abnormal sounds.

Artifacts Output test pattern films to make sure that there are no clinically significant artifacts, such as banding, scratch, fog etc. Geometry Output test pattern films and measure the specified horizontal and vertical length to confirm it is within specifications.


Mechanical Jamming, Abnormal Sound 2. Artifacts Banding, Scratch, Fog, etc.

Geometry Recording Length and Width 4. Due to advances in technology, the regulation and testing of Not only does each mammographic x-ray The x-ray detector system is fundamental to the performance of Not only does each mammographic x-ray unit model have Full field digital mammography FFDM represents an exciting new frontier FFDM separates out the components of image acquisition, Evaluation of a computed radiography detector for