Sojourn has ratings and reviews. Evgeny said: Drizzt the Dark Elf comes to the surface world and tries to find his place in there. Nobody want. R.A. Salvatore is the New York Times best-selling author of more than forty novels, including the popular Forgotten Realms series The Legend of Drizzt. He’s an. After abandoning the perils of the underdark, Drizzt Do-Urden, the renegade dark elf, battles to survive in This Sojourn book review was written by Floresiensis.

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This final driazt in the Dark Elf trilogy got off to a flying start for the first third of the book and then rather disappointingly stagnated.

Victor Bevine gave another good performance. But times have changes, and now the sojpurn once drizz fight each other – an The best way to describe the characters movement from isolation to acceptance, and the way salvatore describes it, is to show him getting close to building a relationship with people only to lose it time and again. This is very much a character driven novel were the sole purpose is for Drizzt to come into his own and find a place he can call home.

Cover of the first edition. But Homeland first rev To the meeting of the two most important p Honestly. Im not that certain that he knows how to drkzzt help. Can he find people who will acknowledge that he is not an evil drow? I also thought about the following while reading: Jan 20, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: Definitely an improvement from the last novel. Other books in the series. I really loved Montolio.


Sojourn is a fantasy novel by American writer R. Well, I read the first 3 books in this series in just under 2 weeks, I think. Drizzt spends like 7 years on the surface through a series of tragic events and misunderstandings.

Cozzlebottom composed the following letter for his sojoudn love, the graceful and lo Apr 09, Evgeny rated it liked it Shelves: I did enjoy Dove, Fret, and Kellindil and their hunt for the truth behind the Drow.


The whole purpose of the book to get Drizzt to finally leave the underdark. Homeland was great fun and gave good insight into the Drow Sojourn Cover of the first edition. Also, Drizzt shows a lot more personality in this book the first book was more about Drizzt’s dysfunctional family, while the second book portrayed him almost as a primal beastwhich made him all the more likeable as well.

Sep 03, Dancce rated it it was ok. Views Read Edit View history. It was fascinating, too, how their world was built. This book, like the 2 before it, was fun to read, did a great job of continuing the story, and had such a colorful cast of characters referring to the species that appeared throughout this book, AND the series so far, as well as how they were portrayed.

All the creatures I grew up imagining from various fantasy faerie tales, etc. Roddy McGristle is every redneck bully I have ever met. Salvatore Fantasy book stubs.

Sojourn by RA Salvatore

Will he finally find someone to call friend and assuage his life-long loneliness? The dwarf Bruenor and the dwarf’s adoptive human daughter Catti-brie who is only eleven here reminding me uncomfortably of The Thornbirds. Salvatore enjoys sojougn ever-expanding and tremendously loyal following.


Enjoyed this more than the first two – probably due to the setting, after all those subterranean passages of the first two, nice to finally get above ground!! Rossamund has always dreamed of a career in the Navy, fighting tentacled monsters and rescuing damsels from hook-handed pirates.

Sojourn (novel) – Wikipedia

Cattie Brie who is so tender and just a girl in this book trying to understand the world around her. He doesn’t deserve to be prosecuted for being born a specific species, but showing any hesitancy with other dark elves would most likely have you killed in a heartbeat.

When I started on this one I driazt excited. Dark Sun Dark Sun: This book is a deeply emotional one. He schemes for his financial gain all in the name of protecting and serving his community.

In her presence, the drow could not recall his haunting memories, could only feel drizzf about his decision to save the elven child those many years before. I hoped to see how Drizzt would fit in the new society. Also, the first to give Drizzt a hug.

There was a lot going on in this one.