Items 1 – 50 of In an effort to provide an easy way to introduce and implement a high-psionics campaign, Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the first. The latest Tweets from Dreamscarred Press (@dreamscarred). Publisher of rules supplements for Pathfinder, Starfinder, and Prosper, TX. Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different subsystems of rules, which are detailed below. Akashic Magic. Akasha is an ancient form of.

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While modern spellcasters scoff at wielders of akasha as crude and unrefined amateurs, non-traditionalists still practice the ancient arts of shaping akasha — known as veilweaving — and trust implicitly in its power and reliability. In addition, these books will go to print and ship out first!

Extras Shop the Open Gaming Store! Wilders From the Deep 1: Psionics works differently, so our goal would be to create character sheets with spots creamscarred record your power points, powers known, and other psionic abilities. Book 2 is a page supplement that includes: The biggest challenge is going to be ensuring everything ships on time.

At this level, we will add more psionic monsters and options to the Psionic Bestiary. But what if the adventurers are themselves werewolves?

This release of Psionics Augmented includes the following brand-new options: Reward no longer available 1 backer. Extras Shop the Open Gaming Store!

Everything from the humble steel mirror to great and terrible mystical artifacts have been used on the fields of battle and in deadly dungeons. The current Starfinder RPG character sheets are great for the core classes. This supplement aims to update those options for Pathfinder and expand upon them.

Dreamscarred Press is creating Roleplaying Games | Patreon

Expand your psionic horizons! At this funding level, we will set aside additional funds for interior artwork in the book.

At this level, we’ll be able to increase the size of releases up to potentially 16 pages of content! Kickstarter is not a store. To date, we have released multiple products thanks to Patreon funding, including: This means if we have the number of backers indicated by the goal, that reward will be unlocked! Dreamscarred Press has become known for producing quality products to support the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Ruling Three From the Deep 3: The Psionics Guide will include the following material to expand your options in a Science Fantasy campaign:.


Shop the Open Gaming Store! The new voyager base class, a psionic manifester with 6th level powers focused on movement Two new voyager archetypes – the crossfire and metronome. Mar 20, – Apr 19, 30 days. If we reach this funding level we will write the Strangers’ Armada supplement, detailing the starships of various psionic nations and organizations, the weapons and systems developed for them, and exploring the role of psionics and magic in starship combat.

The innate power of the mind is present within all creatures.

Recent posts by Dreamscarred Press. Unfortunately, the cost of these new projects are much higher than those we’ve previously produced in-house, with additional costs for writers, editors, artists, cartographers, and layout. Akashic War – a crossover supplement of the Akashic Mysteries and Path of War systems, this release is for the pharaoh class, which blends veilweaving from Akashic Mysteries and maneuvers from Path of War.

Divergent Paths – with the release of Path of War and Path of War Expanded, there are additional options players seek using this combat system. The full moon rises to the hungry greeting of dreamscared wolves. Each of these component pieces is like a single facet of a greater whole. And a book of this size isn’t cheap to create.

Psionic characters do not simply tap into the power of the mind, but the power of the mind and the body together. Psicrystals Expanded – one of our first releases in 3. You may be wondering what dreamsvarred the difference between the standard full-color hardcover book and the premium full-color hardcover book. We’ll add the Children of the Void motif to the Psionics Guide.


Preds product was made possible thanks to our Patreon supporters! Your support goes above and beyond and helps us expand our projects and dremascarred lines! But it is those prress choose to take levels in psionic classes who can unlock and develop this immense power contained within.

Dreamscarred Press RPG Products

The werewolf template for player characters Different aspects of lycanthropy and how to use it in your game Werewolf-themed archetypes including the moonlight meditant, silverblade hunter, unshackled rager, and wild huntmaster Three new prestige classes: You support Dreamscarred Press and will get early access to any playtest documents for our projects, as well as updates on what we have in the pipe for the Patreon releases!

To put it simply, the Path of War is a new way to look at martial combat. Ships to Anywhere in the world.

Over pages of Pathfinder content, over power and item cards, and their entire 3. Dreamscarred Press makes a wide variety of classes using different dreamscarrred of rules, which are detailed below. What we need funds for is artwork and printing costs.

For backers in the US, there is no additional shipping cost.

Dreamscarred Press

The themes discussed for stretch goals do not refer to the Starfinder RPG term theme like the Ace Pilot, but instead a thematic group of character options and GM tools. Share this project Done. Please see the FAQs for more details on this. Premium prints are done using more dreamscxrred offset printing processes, which are more expensive when done at smaller runs because of the setup cost. You get to have your character ddreamscarred one of the iconic aegis characters in the book.