Was thinking about how I would like to play a Dragonlance game but I then opened my friends War of the Lance book and saw that it was. Derek wants to fight the elves, but Sturm refuses as he believes doing so will start a war between the Knights and the Elves that. Rules required: Version Dungeons & Dragons Player’s War of the Lance is a page hardcover book designed to be.

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Originally Posted by Alleran. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! To prevent warfare from breaking out, Tasslehoff tthe the Dragon Orb against the ground. But the people of Ansalon need heroes, as the ancient Gods have returned to the world, and brought creatures of myth and legend to fight in their battles. Tanis is furious that Kitiara betrayed him but is in no position to stop her.

The dark cleric, Verminaard of Nidus, was given command of the Red Wing. The Foundation Stone was discovered by Jasla and her brother Berem, who decided to take one of the emeralds decorating it, accidentally killing his sister when she tried to stop him. Board Games Ireland 4, Meeples.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: In Dargaard KeepKitiara agrees with Lord Ariakas on a new plan, and sends a message to the Golden General, telling her that Tanis has been mortally wounded and wishes to see her before he dies which Kitiara will only allow in exchange for Laurana freeing Bakaris.

For some unknowable reason, the corporate and creative “minds” at TSR decided to blow the setting up and create the Saga System for the 5th Age. No one can see your avatars or images! This convinces the Whitestone nations to band together against the Dragonarmies. I will reread ending of Summer Flame to get some more information surely, but I am striving for a good amount of match between by campaign and the canonical story.


This is a fan submission and its contents are completely unofficial. If XP was granted as per 3. However, before they can escape Lord Soththe undead knight working for Kitiara, arrives and takes the Golden General captive.

DragonLance: War of the Lance for 3.5e

The Dragonlance game project began with Tracy and Laura Hickmanand the idea of a world dominated by dragons. Was thinking about how I would like to play a Dragonlance game but was under the impression that all of the Dragonlance material is 2e. Verminaard quickly secured the ruins of Xak Tsaroth and the Dwarven fortress of Pax Thrakas, and formed a secret alliance with the dark dwarf Realgar, Thane of the Theiwar.

CEO of Evil Incorporated: While travelling they meet Fizban, who decides to guide them after he almost gets them killed, again.

War of the Lance

Meanwhile, Berem and Caramon find the Foundation Stonewhich is being protected by Raistlin, now wearing black robes. This is the final battle of the Vingaard Campaign, which lasted just three weeks wqr saw the Whitestone Forces clear all of northern Solamnia of Dragonarmy forces. However, the Companions and Gilthanasyounger son thr the Speaker of the Sundecided to travel to Pax Tharkas through a Sla-Morihidden entrance, to rescue the prisoners and delay the invasion.

Has good information on a lot of towns and villages. Friends for some time, the Companions were chosen by Paladinethrough his avatar, Fizbanto combat the forces of Takhisis. However, the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane stayed, drayonlance control of Silvanesti, and oance its magic to control a weakened Lorac Caladon. Friends meet in the tree-town of Solace after many years spent apart, hoping to reminisce about the old times and adventures past.

Laurana escapes the chamber in the confusion, with Tanis chasing after her. There are versions for different periods but my version is pre AOM so i dont know if there is a revised with that part. Tanis tries to stop the elfwoman from running off, but she knocks him down causing him to drop the Crown of Power.


Sometime dragpnlance 2nd edition rolled around, the Tales of the Lance boxed set was released, which was a reprint and expansion of the original Dragonlance Adventures hardback. Are there any setting rulebooks for this period or adventure modules? This is a great book for the area.

I’ve lost track of what came afterward. With the help of the sivak draconian Slith, Kitiara manages to subdue Laurana and carry her off into an alley; however, the rest of her forces are defeated by the Companions, and the sudden appearance of the three Solamnic Knights forces Kitiara to flee before she has a chance to kill Laurana. Where had you planned on playing?

List of Dragonlance modules and sourcebooks – Wikipedia

Laurana then attempts to flee the chamber. The Qualinesti also learn about the Dragon Orb, and lay claim to it, much to the outrage of Derek Crownguard. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Kitiara then instructs him to lay his sword at Ariakas’ feet as a ddragonlance of his joining the Dragonarmy.

In this case you might be able to Guest Star in the adventure, if the DM doesn’t mind.

Thus instead of fighting the party splits up with Derek Crownguard and Sturm Brightblade taking the Dragon Orb with them to Sancrist, while Silvara and the others lure the pursuing elves after them. Heartbroken, Laurana can do nothing but throw herself into her role as the Golden General.

The remaining one, Skie, is Kitiara’s own dragon and resisted the lure due to Kitiara’s iron will. Caramon and Raistlin find Tika and Tasslehoff, and Raistlin, who owed Caramon for all the times he helped him, heals them. Please wait a minute and try again or click the help icon for more information.