Disneyization is depicted as a process by which the principles of the Disney theme parks dominate more and more sectors of society. Bryman, a British sociologist, proposes the idea of Disneyization as a complementary no- tion to McDonaldization in contemporary society. He outlines four. I am grateful to: Blackwell Publishers for permission to use material from ‘The Disneyization of society’, The Sociological Review, 47 (1), , 25–47; SAGE.

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In other words, the Disney theme parks are emblematic of certain trends that I identify in this book while simultaneously having been influential in their own right. One is amusement parks that had incorporated elementary theming features at an early stage.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It had become an area that many New Yorkers chose to avoid unless they were looking for the less than salubrious trade that was rife there.

However, that possibility should not detract from the fact that Disneyfication is widely perceived in terms similar to those outlined above by Schickel, Walz, and other writers. There is no question that the model created by Disney, and emulated in whole or in part by many organizations and in many settings, will continue to influence social structure and culture well into the future.

Cinemas have become an increasingly common component of the standard mall combination of elements. Food stands help to make disneyizatoin restaurants slightly less busy at times of the day when people are most inclined to want to eat but also help to promote needs the consumer would not otherwise have realized he or she had.

An extension of this strategy at Disney World is that Disney have turned it into a resort. Undoubtedly, as the foregoing speculations suggest, some of these are likely to have influenced the form and content of Disneyland and its attractions. Sea World in San Diego, California, provides a good sociegy of the process. It is sometimes suggested that we live in an entertainment economy1 in which the constant exposure to forms of entertainment — most notably through television, the movies, and computer games — leads us to expect that we will be entertained even when entertainment is not the main focus of the activity.


The publicity this venture has attracted and its sheer scale are likely to provide food for thought among zoo managers. In addition, airports have been attracting chains of shops, such as bookshop chains.

The Disneyization of Society – Alan Bryman – Google Books

I see the principles that are described in this book as infiltrating many and a growing number of areas of social, cultural, and economic life. Family Fun Eatery in Bayville, New Jersey, is themed on the American railroads and contains a working model and train memorabilia. It therefore combined the celebration of the past with visions of the future, which would be a feature of Disneyland. Disneyization is treated as a systemscape in the sense of a set of underlying principles that are diffusing throughout the economy, culture and society, but which allow considerable variation in how they are implemented.

In Britain, themed pubs are increasingly prominent and popular, such as Irish pubs, while in the USA, bars themed on British pubs have become popular venues. The Fair was designed to celebrate the centenary of the first train to enter the city.

As a result, over the succeeding 20 years Eisner and his team have massively increased the number of Disney hotel rooms disneyuzation in the process pursued an accelerating hybrid consumption strategy. Quoted in Goss a: The tone of such accounts is almost relentlessly negative.

In the Disney theme parks, there are variations in the degree of intensity and flamboyancy in the theming of their hotels, and these features are more or less directly related to room rates. And, it manages to be a fun read, as well!

West Midlands Safari Park and Chessington World of Adventures [which started life as a zoo] combine rides with wildlife.

The Disneyization of Society – PDF Free Download

They achieve one of the highest levels of sales per square foot of any form of shopping; airport malls like that at Pittsburgh International can achieves sales per square foot that are as much as three times that of a traditional US mall.

Quoted in Barber Since then, a vast array of goods have slowly been included and today form key areas of profitability: Even then, the brief coverage of a few definitions suggests that it does not have a singular meaning and is not necessarily applied in a consistent or rigorous way.


Quoted in Tomkins The tigers are used in a long-standing magic act in the hotel the Siegfried and Roy show, which at the time of writing was closed. Just like the shoppers at the mall studied by Sandicki and Holt eociety found it dull and boring, there is a growing expectation of a level of theming.

At the same time, the day trippers in buses, cars and campers were seen as causing considerable disruption to the village and its residents.

The Disneyization of Society

According to the editor of Visual Merchandizing and Store Design: At the time of writing, many branches of Abbey National, a chain of banks in the UK, include a small Costa coffee shop within each branch Costa is one of the main chains of coffee shops in the UK.

This rationality in consumer taste and behaviour is testament to the resilience of consumers to the allure of theming. Our captive breeding programs have been tremendously successful in preserving rare and endangered species for generations to come.

Sandicki and Holt describe a mall with a largely dull design and which, as they see it, does little to conceal its essentially commercial nature. Two major kinds of theming can be identified in relation to themed shopping: We have seen this principle in connection with the casino-hotels and the Disney theme parks have used this strategy.

Tokyo Disneyland Tokyo DisneySea. This is an example of a limited and circumscribed design of attractions for the family.

Many of the terms can be seen in terms of a performance metaphor, an observation that has important links with the issues addressed in Chapter 5. Companies disneyizatino Business and economics portal. By no means all themed restaurants are part of chains. Sports stadiums Many sports stadiums, and the modern baseball park in particular, are increasingly a home to a variety of forms of consumption.