De Demmink Doofpot auteur: J. Poot. A carefully written research by Drs. J. Poot about how the Dutch government and the justice department. To my great surprise, I found out that she did not know who Joris Demmink really is and what is Then I referred her to the website ‘The Demmink Doofpot’. About Jan Poot Sr.: Dutch businessman. Poot Founded development companies Eurowoningen and Eurohome he founded Chipshol, a company.

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The cookie settings on this website are set to ‘allow cookies’ to give you the best browsing experience possible. Summary on Belgium There seems to be no end to demmink doofpot the depressing child abuse reports that are contained in the leaked Demmink doofpot dossier and everything related to demmink doofpot. Let’s talk about Robert Rubinstein and his Jewish-Zionist connections.

Child abductions, networks, Joris Demmink, never heard of

A little lower in this document detailing Hofmans’s activities, the following isolated sentence appears: Transhuman Space, Pyramid, High Frontier, Inthe year-old Ddoofpot was the author of the first articles against Joris Demmink here you can find Biesemaat also dug up the old Spiegel article that never made it to the press.

When police dooflot around and went to the first floor they found many boxes. Originally it is Rebekka. But “healthy and well” is found.

It is totally out of control. In the late s there was the socalled Rolodex investigation in the Netherlands.

If true, that immediately brings up the question why these people would get themselves involved in stopping a child abuse investigation. A Stepbrother Romance Stepbrother Romance adult billionaire contemporary alpha taboo short stories new [R. The change must come from the people and you should not really expect the xoofpot bulbs that the media have in their pocket. Among the people she got to know was a certain Richard de Groot.

Well, up to the north, to the Netherlands. Because it concerns international child abuse networks and the children are being snatched away under your eyes. In the Nebula article it was theorized that the worst and controlling aspects of these child dooofpot networks can be found in the covert operations crowd of the United States and Israel. It is as current as it is possible and the attempts to clean it off by the Main Stream Media and all kinds of people in the police and judiciary are as real as the plague.


During the process at least two witnesses confirmed the story of the neighbors of Salomonson and a lot more about the questionable aspects of Amsterdam’s gay scene.

Four drinks, sauna, dolfpot pool and the rest. The latter was head of the Dutch branch of the Cali Cartel and one of executives of the cartel in Columbia. Here’s a brief description of what was inside those boxes:.

Character profile for Libor Cverlik from De Demmink Doofpot (page 1)

A little lower in this document detailing Hofmans’s activities, the following isolated sentence appears: In several boxes we find child pornography. But Stelling has been citing from all the same sources over the years and I’ve never caught them making anything up.

These spoke about a investigation, ran from a very secret location in Utrecht: The Suez Group had taken over Societe Foofpot – a bank involved in companies that controlled about one third to one half of the Belgian economy at the time – when Davignon took the chairmanship. I had told my story about the legal child abductions here in the Netherlands and talked on behalf of duped parents.

He did had some concerns over the Gendarmerie, from which he didn’t get the same amount of protection. So I have no reason to doubt their citations from Mary Porsont’s testimonies.


The case did appear in the newspapers a few times. Designed by Elegant themes Powered by WordPress. The owner was Marcel [Hofmans] and he worked with a certain Yvan, a beer producer. I hope that after studying all this information everyone has also woken up about the fact that the Main Stream Media may be partially reporting misconduct, but that this is usually to prevent people from digging further than their noses are long.

It may just be a coincidence, but anyone would still have to admit that it is quite a coincidence. In Ine Veen’s book ‘Moord Names De Kroon’, about the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the theory is discussed that this same Monzer al-Kasser put together the hit team to take out Maarten van Traa and also that it was Monzer al-Kassar who recruited the Muslim fundamentalist Abu Fatah who in turn became responsible for the fact well, fact, I can’t vouch for it that two different types of ammunition were found in the body of Pim Fortuyn.


Ik know these films were flown from Sweden to Switzerland where the member in question went to pick them up. I did not start this website out of boredom. As for Mink Kok’s further career, inpolice conducted a search at a house in Amsterdam, supposedly because the neighbors had complained about water leaking through the walls.

But you can expect that probably not a whole lot was done. Were the Mediterranean looking inhabitants Arabs, Israelis or did they have some other nationality? In the Telegraaf, a large newspaper in the Netherlands, managed to publish an elaborate article on the Rolodex investigation.

In Beyond Dutroux we already went into that aspect to a considerable extent – so maybe it’s not a total surprise to have come across these two cults. Interesting coincidence then that the Dutch subsidiary of this group featured Salomonson among its upper staff. U houdt dapper vol, heer Doets en dat is zowel aandoenlijk als….

I do know that it always involved very important persons, by their background, their wealth or social position. Demmink doofpot several boxes we find child pornography. Husband of Queen Beatrix since Posted on Mr 17, General infoPedofilie 0 comments.

We described two present members of this family, including the associate of Salomonson: We are fighting for the future of the children of this country and the rest of the world. It just doesn’t stop. That is why I feel called to motivate the young parents, students and anyone who has never looked beyond Good Times Bad Times, to have a demink out of the TV and start with the documentary below.