鈴 the empty bell. 2 – Book Review – Deep River. Shusaku Endo is a Japanese, Christian novelist. His most famous book, Silence, origi- nally published in , . THIRTY years separate Deep River (translated by Van C Gessel, Peter Shusaku Endo’s most probing novel since his masterpiece, Silence. While sometimes shaky, the novel Deep River by Shusaku Endo on faith is also profound in parts.

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Deep River by Shūsaku Endō

This study guide contains the following sections: In Deep River, four Japanese people of different backgrounds and different sorrows converge at the holy Ganges River in India, on their own personal journeys to reconcile themselves with their pasts. Isobe is a taciturn man left desolate by the death of his wife and searching for her reincarnated soul. Kiguchi, a former Japanese soldier who endured torturous hunger and illness in Burma during World War II, mourns the wartime friend who saved his life, but suffered and died because of his guilt.

Numada, a children’s author whose only true friends have been animals and birds, seeks to repay the whusaku of a myna bird. Mitsuko, emdo atheistic woman whose life has been without love, seeks her college lover, a failed Catholic priest working among the impoverished.


All four find some solace in the Ganges. As the novel begins, Isobe finds out his wife is dying from feep. He does not tell her the truth, but as she sickens, she knows she is dying.

Right before his wife dies, she tells Isobe that she knows she will be reincarnated and begs him to search for shuxaku. Isobe cannot forget Keiko’s request and writes to researchers studying reincarnation. He learns of a little girl in India who claims to have been Japanese in a past life.

Mitsuko, who nursed Isobe’s wife as a volunteer also happens to be on Isobe’s tour of India. Mitsuko is divorced, and tiver lived a loveless life.

Deep River Summary & Study Guide

Numada, a children’s author, is also on the tour. He has recovered from a near-fatal bout of tuberculosis, and a myna bird was his companion during his illness. The bird died during Numada’s last operation, and Numada feels the bird died in shusaiu place. In Burma, he contracts malaria, and his friend Tsukada refuses to leave him behind.

Later, Kiguchi learns that Tsukada ate the flesh of a dead soldier to survive and save his friend. Tsukada drinks himself to death because of his guilt over the act.

Kiguchi is ill, and Mitsuko stays to care for him. Isobe searches for his reincarnated wife, but fails to find her. Instead, he finds only memories of their life together. Numada frees a myna bird, in repayment to the bird who saved him. Kiguchi reads a prayer for dead soldiers over the sacred River Ganges. The traveler’s stay is complicated by the assassination dep Indira Gandhi, and the following unrest. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Copyrights Deep River from BookRags.


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Order our Deep River Study Guide. Chapter One, The Case of Isobe. Chapter Two, The Informational Meeting.

Chapter Three, The Case of Mitsuko. Chapter Four, The Case of Numada. Chapter Five, The Case of Kiguchi. Chapter Six, The City by the River. Chapter Nine, The River. This section contains words approx. View a FREE sample. More summaries and resources for shhsaku or studying Deep River.

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