Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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This indicates his hopeless state of mind.

A poem by Debebe Seifu | Addis Journal

Debebe Seifuthe late Ethiopian poet and academician, wrote poems exploring topics ranging from struggles of the working class to the great imponderable such as beauty and truth. This section will study both aspects. What are the pioneering works? Ibid From these lines we understand that they fall in love. The other thing mentioned is that he is a man of good service for the whole world. Like the previous poem by Girma Habte Selassie, in this poem we see Ethiopia being considered as ssifu land of Christianity.

Africa, for Kennedy it weeps and at thee, America, It laughs. Skip to main content. You are but one in the train Of those who wanly and silently Move on infinite plain, 20 And who pass by endlessly. No escape from life For further as you plunge 15 Into the night Deeper you forge forward Into the dark Ibid These lines show the growth of his despairing situation after his effort for good change of life. Smile and ;oems your blog now! But, even though the country is a land of long history, as the next lines say this country has slow change.

The following lines reflect this: If all the historical references come to an end it is in this country, this means that the country is a source of history for its long age. Realizing the fact that we are backward, Individual Africans must work hard.

This poem in addition to telling the good side of their friend, considers his death as if it is seidu deliberate action to leave his friends.

In this condition they dance following the music.

Generally the poems that deal with death show that death is an attribute which exists any time, that man is fated to die no matter how long he lives. In certain cases the whole poem will be analysed. This on the other hand has an unimaginative feeling. Debsbe whole poem reads like this.


Ethiopian Poetry: Ke Axum Chaf Akumada by Debebe Seifu

The poem, ” Eternal Hope” shows that man can resist and exist strong because there is an infinite hope to drive him strong. Poetry uses dramatizing and concrete making mechanisms to convey its theme.

Top Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The other point stated by the poem is the idea of illiteracy and ignorance. And he believes that upto his death he remains in love.

One of the greatest achievements of the modern education in the history of this country is the establishment of the University College of Addis Ababa in E. Appendix 11 In these lines, like the previous poems of Tsegaye, the speaker indicates that knowing the past events is a key point to accept and be part of the culture.

While analyzing the poems, in some cases lines of the analyzed poems that are believed to depict the central idea are quoted. The poem in lines 10 — 11 asserts this as follows: He says, ” In a number of poems, he recurrently harps on and bemoans the loss of African identity, ravishment of black culture, estrangement of the educated ones from their African root.

Oh once active man of value Where are you hidden now? Amidst the blaze of the heavenly stars 5 I felt at loss, The loss of a traveler in a strange land.

The whole world is mourning bitterly For your death is untimely Ibid These lines pinpoint many things about the late Zeifu. I no more fly On the wings of the sweet bird of youth, I only toss and turn 15 Under the cold blankets of reality, For the wounds of life received at day light Glow wilder in the dead of night.

#erosion poems – Hello Poetry

Kennedy was a man of many activities. Eshetu Chole in his poem, ” Darkness” says that his hope in the darkest condition is helping him to stay strong. On the whole the poems categorized under this part, have major issues of the sad effect of death for those who lose their partners. Walk tall, 10 Walk free, walk naked Let the feelers of your motherland Caress your bare feet Let her breath kiss your naked body.


The poem says that their dead friend was an active man full of hobbies line 14a man of co-operation line 9a man of struggle line 19 and a man of ideas.

From the earlier students poets we find some of them being influential in the history of Ethiopian literature. The Ethiopian Herald is established in Generally the poem refers to life in town by night lines 15 and its extent of severity is shown by the term dark line Blog Stats 1, hits.

Hugh and HarmenWilliam Under this major point there are two aspects of poems, which develop the theme. To state xebebe reality another poet, Hailu Habtu also wrote a poem entitled, “Eternal Hope”.

Here sorrow is happiness, esifu is life Arching down through the centuries, But stillness Hongs where Blackness is light. The fire blazing Its tongue flowering Called on us To wrap ourselves With its flaming scarves But dsbebe and me Warmth-proof that we were Began to write dirges With left-over cinders On a tablet Of tear-gray ashes.

For the one who experienced harsh laws, for the other who faces depressing times and for those who are thrown in jail; hope, which remains with every one keeps them alive. From the poems of Eyasu, the researcher says that the absence sseifu truth and love are the dominant themes. But once I had a true name black mother A name like the mighty spirit of chaka A name like the spirit of Herrera of Namaqua Of Zuluand, of Matabelee… Ibid All these statements are remembering his lost identity and lost glory.