Title, Reflections on the Christ Findhorn lecture series. Author, David Spangler. Edition, 3. Publisher, Findhorn, ISBN, , This classic book, first published in , shows some of the beginnings of the spiritual work of David Spangler while co-director of the Findhorn Community and . One of today’s most influential New Age authors and lecturers, David Spangler, teaches on Lucifer and “Christ.” In his book Reflections on the Christ, Spangler.

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I would like to believe I am a Christian, that God will accord me this honor. Not knowing truth or light, condemns one to living in darkness and feeling empty, Is there any wonder why one would want to follow Lucifer.

Reflectiona Lucifer would want to be free if he could find grace.

Want to Read saving…. Bryce Haymond marked it as to-read Jun 18, Sounds to me like, yes, Spangler may well have spoken the quote attributed to him that cannot be sourced.

Only Jesus Christ can set men free.

Quotes about population culling from Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands and Prince Philip of England are just to mention a few of the Elites who religiously reflectkons occult philosophies.

The sheer numbers of specific prophecies from St. When this lecture was published by Findhorn, this joke was included, though without any context to show he had been bantering with his audience, and was later seized upon by various fundamentalist writers as evidence that people in the New Age were followers of Satan or Lucifer, wholly ignoring the actual content—and context—of the lecture.


That is the lie. With that, I ask, whom amongst you have actually acquired a copy of said reference, or, to further illustrate, read for yourselves the fore mentioned quote?

Make sure your door is washed in the blood. My initial thoughts when I saw the “quote” were “Oh, wow! Later writers elaborated upon this idea of a “Luciferic Initiation”, expanding it into the quote given above and falsely attributing this new quote to Spangler. Stay off the grid. Jesus is yhe Only Way.

Reflections On The Christ

I don’t accept jesus as anyone’s personal lord and saviour because he was just a man and we make our own future. Hall called this quest reflectlons the esoteric a “cosmic obligation,” and that “powers unseen and unrecognized mold the destiny of those who consciously and of their own free will take upon themselves the obligations of the Fraternity. Free to do what? Evil wins when the good become divided.

There it is in plain english Good luck with that, but remember: He has rewritten the book on what we know to be dysfunctional so we cant fix it.

David Spangler Quote – Liberty Quotes Blog

This man is sold out to Satan the devil, Lucifer is his name before he fell from heaven. Nice use of the word “whom”, though. Search ‘Walter Veith total onslaught’ on youtube or google.

It contains a new preface and one new chapter written in Julius caesar is the father of jesus caesarian ; the story of Noah is the same as the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh; the story of the crucifixion of jesus was inspired from the story of Vitellius. And the father of lies so much so that Satan believes and has deceived himself that he will win this spiritual war against God and will win and reign over humans.


Initiation leads to the stream that, once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries him to the feet of the Lord of the World …. The New Age movement, with its occult roots, embraces this Being — whether New Age practitioners realize it or not. God loves you the way you are. I figure the test is coming maybe soon – will you be ready? Has anyone here bought into possession any of these books? Open Preview See a Problem?

And that’s because they’re “them. David Spangler never said such a thing and has no ties whatsoever to the United Nations. This devolution into commercially-driven fads, identity politics, mystical glamour, atavistic spiritualisms, and uncritical guru reverence was a main theme of his Reimagination of the World. Davi New World Order crowd has been making sinister plans for decades. It’s a real wake-up call. Reflecitons Jesus will make all things new we are closer to the end think about it people.

This has been made abundantly clear through MANY sources Forget about all the childhood challenges you had.

For someone like me, it’s absolutely chilling to watch what appears to be fulfillment of these predictions.