Read Dark Thirst by Sara Reinke by Sara Reinke by Sara Reinke for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Sara Reinke is already the author of several e-books in the romance/fantasy genre but Dark Thirst is her first foray into vampire romance in a printed format. Dark Thirst. By Sara Reinke. When Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones first met, he was an awkward teenager harboring a crush on his tutor’s.

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Angelina Lina Jones is beautiful, smart as a whip, stubborn, lithe and a police officer. Read the Magic Rises review. Feb 11, Shanena rated it it was amazing.

Dark Thirst – Sara Reinke – Google Books

Two big problems with this book: For an intelligent woman and a police officer Lina made some stupid decisions that lead to her being captured by Caine. She was all grown up right away. Brandon has been abused and mistreated by his family after he was horribly wounded and almost died during a botched robbery. Reinke has tried very hard to create her OWN vampire world, separate from other sources although you can maybe see some of her influences.

This was a plesant surprise. Books by Sara Reinke. Oct 18, Goldenwattle rated it really liked it. The advanced nature of this ability no doubt brought on by the fact that he has not been able to communicate verbally to others since the age of 5 when dak was attacked by burglars in his family home.


I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Thirst rrinke look forward to Dark Hunger. It’s not dislike, it is not mistrust, it is actual hate. Like I said, heartbreaking. The have bloodletting ceremonies for entertainment and as a rite of passage and use the workers on their farm as prey. He would go from clumsy to graceful in a heart beat. Aug 19, Terra rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A story of love, friendship, trust, betrayal, unbridled fury, abuse so horrific that you want to scream out loud with the characters pain.

I really connected with the Brandon character.

Many relish it with some questioning the rules. If you like Lynn Viehl’s Darklyn series, you might like this. Paperbackpages.

Smashwords – Dark Thirst – a book by Sara Reinke

I was very interested to see how reinie relationship would unfold. The book is very plot-focused for the most part, with big, bombastic and shallow villians, but it’s only the first book in a series of six going on seven books, and you really need to start with this one in order to understand what happens later.

LoveVampires – the website dedicated to vampire fiction. They treat humans as cattle and are vicious in their blood lust, always killing their prey. His interest in her could put her in danger from his family. When Brandon Noble and Angelina Jones first met, he was an awkward teenager harbouring a crush on his tutor’s sister. Sep 21, Paganalexandria rated it did not like it Shelves: Needless to say, It’s not my favorite series I wasn’t really a huge fan of this book.


He is in love with Angelina but erinke is the sister of his former teacher. Lina is also African American which adds so much character to the storyline. Kudo’s Sara for such a beautiful jewel of a story that can only make other’s weep with envy.

Subscribe to the LoveVampires email newsletter and get site news, reviews and information delivered direct to your mailbox. Apr 25, Mary Biblophile rated it did not like it Shelves: This book will make enjoyable reading for anyone who is looking for something outside of the usual vampire romance offerings and conventions.

Dark Thirst

It is a well written story about a young man who is deaf, having lost his hearing in a tragic incident when he was but a pup. Needless to say, It’s not my favorite series so far by a long shot. United States of America. The book then picks up thirteen months later, once Brandon’s hands have healed and he’s managed to escape the farm.

Poor Brandon is put through the wringer by his vampire family.