DARK LEGACY of EVARD. Backstory: Many years ago, Evard came to Duponde to destroy his rival Vontarin, a powerful wizard who lived in a manor at the edge. D&D Encounters Season 5 – Dark Legacy of Evard. Many years ago, Evard came to Duponde to destroy his rival Vontarin, a powerful wizard who lived in a. Buy Dark Legacy of Evard – D&D 4e from Wizards of the Coast – part of our ‘ Role Playing Games – Dungeons & Dragons collection.

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A new season begins tonight. No, tonight is the first session of the new 13 week adventure, Dark Legacy of Evard. The constraints of module play makes Encounters or other organized play, like Pathfinder society modules an excellent first step for GMs. I never ran a lot of premade modules—I always prized my own creativity too much, particularly the ability to tailor a campaign to the players and the specific characters at the table.

Another character hit on Faldyra, leading to a cute subplot woven behind the main session each week. None of that was written into the module, but bringing it back—reincorporating it—gave each table a different feel, even though their fight was against the same foes each week.

Many games solve the problem by designing complete llegacy one session experiences— Dread and Universalis are two games among many that are designed for solid one session play. The offsetting advantage, though, is huge—many people who long ago gave up on roleplaying come back when a game fits their schedule. The indefinite commitment required to be a good player in a typical campaign can be a barrier to bringing busy adults, new players, and lapsed gamers to the table.

The other advantage of the Encounters structure is that the players who do come week after week get a chance to engage with a plot that can twist and turn, with each session contributing more to the overall story.

Sometimes, though, the designer misses something. That was a bit frustrating, and led to divergence as each GM came up with their own way to justify the ongoing enmity. Seeing two full seasons did illustrate some big differences in the module designs. Here are some of the things we noticed. The totals only got further off as the season progressed. I have to admit that the title gave it away— The March of the Phantom Brigade featured a lot of ghosts.


Most weeks, the same attacks did the same damage, the ghosts used similar tactics—and the same weaknesses were exploited by both sides. The first season included specific advice—that PCs should be second level by week 9, 3rd level by week Inexperienced players plus underpowered characters makes for a less than ideal introduction to roleplaying.

Some new players spent most of their session watching—their limited hit points meant that their legacg fell unconscious early in the battle. Many players legayc the freedom that a home campaign can provide, some GMs will miss the creation and control of a world—the constraints may chafe too greatly.

Adventure Lookup

Despite the flaws, Encounters and other module play provides a great way to introduce the game to new and lapsed players. You can provide a chance for those GMs to enjoy both sides of the game—and it only requires a couple of hours a week! Where will tonight find you? Waiting to see what is in the basket of mystery ingredients? Practicing your arcane gestures and preparing to solve the ills of Duponde?

Or will you take on the role of dungeon master and guide heroes into adventure? Scott is an engineer turned gnome and game store owner. He lies awake at night building intriguing worlds and plotting your character’s demise. Nice solid article scott! While this is about a published adventure scenario, it really gets at the heart of what running a published evaed is.

The first episode of Dark Legacy of Evard

I used to play the Pathfinder Society games quite a bit. I played with great GMs and awful ones, and I never had the courage to step up to run. As a player it was always interesting because there was a very different feel to the game.


Maybe it was because players knew there was a freedom from having consequences follow them after a session. Maybe they felt that in a group of strangers, they needed to stand out.

The first episode of Dark Legacy of Evard | Gnome Stew

All I know is that some of the nuttiest and craziest things happened in those games. It was always overwhelming to play, and after a while I stopped enjoying because I enjoyed the feeling of ownership in being a part of a home game.

Thinking on it now though, the experience DMing would be invaluable. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to this comment thread via email we’ll send you updates. Written by a team of veteran Gamers and Gamemasters, Gnome Stew is a widely read gaming blog with multiple awards and thousands of articles.

We’re dedicated to helping gamers have more fun at the evafd table. Through our partner Engine Publishing, we’ve published six system-neutral books for GMs, with over 28, copies sold.

Available in print and PDF. Through our partnership dxrk the G. This post is brought to you by our wonderful patron James Malloysupporting us since November ! Thanks for helping dak keep the stew fires going! Previous A Believable Lie about Steampunk.

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