call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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The method signature is handler cursor, name, defaultType, length, precision, scale and the return value is expected to be a variable object or None in which case a default variable object will be created.

Modified documentation indicating that the password attribute on connection objects can be written. On Windows, if oci. Removed -mno-cygwin compile flag since it is no longer used in newer versions of the gcc compiler for Cygwin.

Added support for new parameter port for subscription call which allows the client to specify documnetation listening port for callback notifications from the database server. Added support for creatingmodifying and binding user defined types and collections.

Removed redundant code in setup. Set the default array size to 50 instead of 1 as the DB API suggests because the performance difference is so drastic and many people have recommended that the default be changed.

Fixed a few error messages.

cx_Oracle | Read the Docs

This read-write boolean attribute specifies whether the cursor can be scrolled or not. Added support for setting the maximum lifetime of pool connections available in Oracle The value will be either a list or a dictionary depending on whether binding was done by position or name. This constant is a possible value for the delay attribute of the message properties object passed as the msgproperties parameter to the Connection.


This resets the position to the beginning of the queue. Thanks to Geoffrey Weber for the initial patch. If you connect to Oracle Database 18 or higher with client libraries Read the Docs v: Fetch the next set of rows of a query result, returning a list of tuples.

Fixed compilation with Oracle 10g Release 1. The number of rows to fetch is specified by the parameter. This method was designed for the case where optimal performance is required as it comes at the expense of compatibility with the DB API. Added support for Python 3.

Connection Object — cx_Oracle documentation

The callTimeout value applies to each round-trip individually, not to the sum of all round-trips. The singleton None can be used as a parameter when using positional parameters to indicate that no space should be reserved for that position.

Exception raised for errors that are related to the database interface rather than the database itself. Ensure that the number of elements in the array is not lost when the buffer size is increased to accommodate larger strings.

Call a function with the given name. This allows for batch doucmentation when no parameters are required or when parameters have previously been bound. Exception raised when the database encounters an internal error. Both of these were requested by Bjorn Sandberg who also provided an initial patch.

In Oracle this is RAW columns. This also means that wheels can now be produced and installed via pip. If this attribute is None, the value of the attribute with the same name on the connection is used instead.


Added support for full unicode mode in Python 2. This attribute specifies the identifier of the message to be dequeued. They are possible values for the deliverymode attribute of the dequeue options object passed as the options parameter to the Connection.

This is most effective for algorithms where the docuentation statement is used, but different parameters are bound to it many times. If the statement is a query, the cursor is returned as a convenience documentatoin the caller so it can be used directly as an iterator over the rows in the cursor ; otherwise, None is returned.

The dataType parameter specifies the type of data that should be stored in the variable.

Call a procedure with the given name. It then waits for only local active transactions to complete.

Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

Added support for fetching docmuentation errors. Deprecated since version 6. Fetch the next row of a query result set, returning a single tuple or None when no more data is available. The qos parameter specifies quality of service options. When a connection is used as a context manager, the connection is now closed when the block ends.