Corrupting the Image has 77 ratings and 15 reviews. Angela said: A very Corrupting the Image: Angels, Aliens, and the Antichrist Revealed Douglas Hamp. Corrupting the Image challenges the curious minded to think beyondtraditional opinion, as it delves deep into the core of original biblical te. I am going to begin a series of running posts that engage with a book written by Douglas Hamp; I believe it was accepted as his PhD.

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In addition to the many written modern accounts of explorers and miners discovering men of extremely large proportions, there are also some archaeological findings. If the one in Washington that would make some sense to me since I can see this type of aberrant stuff developing in Fundamentalist circles. This of course resulted in a global flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim.

TheWord allowed me to search words in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic and trace their usage throughout the entire Bible. That is not to say iage the object in the picture is necessarily real, but the photograph not something that has been created or altered with the aid of a computer. Thank you for sharing.

The Strong Delusion – Corrupting Image Part 10 by Douglas Hamp

Among the Nephilim that they had to fight was King Og of Bashan whom we have seen measured about 15 feet tall. Jesus told us that the last days will be like the days of Noah during which, according to Genesis, fallen angels mixed their seed with humanity.

I try not to be dismissive about some of their insights, as novel as they might be, but I am concerned that there is a kind of hermetic literalism to their approach that treats years of Christian history as if it was insignificant. Watts rated it liked it Shelves: Mikehoiden June 17, at 9: Regardless of what takes place in the days ahead, we can be assured as Hamp so aptly reminds oduglas that God is in control and we can trust that despite the enemies attempts to thwart God’s divine plan, those attempts will fall short.


That day of fulfillment is nearly upon us!

God gave the human race years until the flood He would bring to destroy the world. Everything was to reproduce according to its kind Genesis 1: May 03, Darnnell Reese rated corruptign it was amazing. Just how much is 2 tons 15 CWT? All I would say is that even some of the most novel hermenutics might have some valid insights. If I cite another, then I state the source.

In the place was found a large finger-ring of pure gold. Jesus told us that the last days will be like the days of Noah when fallen angels mixed their seed with humanity. Also of note are the references to angels having the appearance of lightning, thus suggesting prior to sin, Adam and Eve could have also had such an appearance.

Corrupting the Image

In this case I think it flows from a defective understanding of truth itself, namely one that is woefully oversimplified. Return to Book Page. I primarily conducted my own investigation of words and phrases using theWord Bible Software and therefore, I thw not always cite a lexicon for authority.

Mark Warner rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Lists with This Book. Click here to listen to lectures.

CCR Doug Hamp Interview for Corrupting the Image from Canary Cry Radio on podbay

If Satan can destroy the image, then he can avert his own destruction. Of course, the man in the coffin did not weigh that much when alive and the fossilization process added corrpting the overall weight. I highly recommend this book. The British ton, known as a long ton is equal to pounds whereas the American ton is pounds. People believe douglad they want to believe. Philip Baker rated it it was amazing Aug 07, Judge Luna says that as soon as the search for the skull is finished the skeleton will be forwarded to the national museum of Mexico, which has an almost priceless collection of Aztec antiquities.

However, I am glad that you liked the book. I purchased the ebook on line but was not able to download it? According to the prophecy of Genesis 3: Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


This now ends the current hermeneutical builder. So like most in the field of biblical studies—NT Wright comes to mind—church theology is subordinated to a naturalist approach to Scripture. During that corruptign time of years until the flood the mingling continued married and given in marriage until the very last day when Noah entered the ark and God closed the door. It is because of this reach and impact that I feel somewhat compelled to engage with his book in an attempt to offer a counter-voice to what he is offering folks without the necessary training and thus critical capacity to discern where Hamp hapm coming from and how he is arriving at his exegetical conclusions.

Predictably all of these are happening and these are what we will examine in the next section. Bernadette Holliday October 18, at 8: Woods rated it it was amazing Dec 01, Jeff Lors May 30, at 2: I appreciated his duglas nonsense haamp to scripture and corrupring he handled the biblical texts well.

Finally, the seed of the Serpent will come; he will be a man who will be greater than his fellows, who will understand sinister schemes and shall rise up and become the Antichrist.

The real concern is for the kids of parents who are involved in these kinds of movements, because once the faith they were raised in is te they are in great danger of loosing faith entirely. One of the teeth is said to have been as large as an ordinary forefinger, emphasis mine.

A Folklore Sketch Volume 1. News was received here Monday from Mexico that at Ixtapalapa, a town 10 miles southeast of Mexico City there had been discovered what was believed to be the skeleton of a prehistoric giant of extraordinary size.