Part number: PDF-MANUAL-CORIOMASTER. For use with CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini running firmware version M or later. 4K Videowall Controller with 5 free slots for I/O Modules Modules: HDBaseT, DVI, HDMI, 3G-SDI, VGA, YPbPr, YC, CV, H, Player 1 x CM-DVIU-2IN installed. Compact all-in-one videowall processor, Manufacturer: tvONE, Product Name: C CORIOmaster mini, SKU: TV1-C, Category: Video Wall.

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Outputs can be independently rotated degrees without adding video delay. Each video wall can have a maximum of 14 windows depending on the minii resolution, frame rate and window size.

All this is possible in one 1RU chassis. Preset layouts offering an intuitive way to switch corilmaster preferred canvas designs Software upgradeability to support future features, thereby maximizing long term value Further, the CORIOmaster mini Parallel Processing design delivers a no-compromise viewing experience as it delivers Real Time Video Quality with less than two frame signal delay from input to output.

Presets can be created and selected sequentially for precise control of desired effects. Competitors final cost including Postage coriomater Packaging will be taken into account.

tvONE C CORIOmaster mini – Holdan Limited

Value Discount above This new animation feature is controlled by presets in the system. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Now choose your accessories? Building of presets in the system now save one or any combination of the following window transition effects as part of a single preset:.

Partner with tvONE, the industry leader and the only company to stand behind its products with a comprehensive five-year warranty. With a fully loaded mini requiring less than watts, users can save up to 10X the power to boot.

Combine projected images to create unique video presentations of almost any size and shape. Preset Duration — 0 to The competitor must be UK based and an officially appointed dealer for the manufacturer of the goods in question.

CORIOmaster mini / C

Presets can be created and selected sequentially for precise control of desired effects. Yes Real Time Video Quality: The mini ccoriomaster the only 1RU system capable of processing up to 26 Billion coriomaser matrix calculations per second with less than 2 frames of video delay.

Windows can be sized to fit the screen or degrees can be added, resized and rotated on the video screen regardless of output rotation. Whether you are designing for live events, advanced video walls, or unique multi-display environments, it’s time to maximize your video excitement. Custom DVI-I adapters provide connections for: This radical ckriomaster enables a breakthrough combination of video processing capabilities, including:. At CVP we always strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible, but in the interest of clarity please note that next day is defined as the next working day ie: Movement — place a window in the desired location on the videowall.


Test Pattern – Global on and off option.

Projector Edge Blending to combine multiple coriomaser with multiple video displays Highly flexible window management: Spec Sheet Instruction Manual Application: CORIOmaster is an all-in-one system to perform a range of video tasks simultaneously, including: Only CORIO can massively parallelize video tasks to deliver the highest quality video possible at ultra-low latency. Find what event is right for you.

CORIOmaster mini / C3-510

Variable amount of overshooting when snapping a Window to a Display. The goods and level of after sales support on offer must be identical model number must be identical with identical warranty. Please enter your UK postcode or select different country above.

Using tvONE’s latest CORIO3 technology, it provides the user with access to new levels of video processing power for creative and dynamic visualization.