Beliau ketika ni telah menjalankan tanaman cili fertigasi dan menjual hasil tani secara at beliau menjalankan perniagaan dalam bidang. Seek RMK for Cili Fertigasi farm in Kelantan 1 year and now I decided to make Chilly farm for about 7 Acre land through fertigasi method.

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Kursus Fertigasi Cili UTM 2017 Siri 1

I am graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Actuary. Before this I worked at various company and I decided to start my business.

I have established a company and firstly I manage to sell meat for 1 year and now I decided to make Chilly farm for about 7 Acre land through fertigasi method. Then, I will buy fertigasi tools for about RMfor 28, chilly tree.

All it cost RMFarm of chilly generate revenue RMfor 1 season 6months. The problem is how to make chilly farm. Firstly, I cultivate chilly back of my home for about trees. Then I went to Jabatan Pertanian Kelantan and ask fertigawi opinion and favour. I got guideline for chilly tree. After that, I have a plan to expand my chilly, but I need a capital to open chilly farm.


But for chilly trees, I successfully success. FOr 1 tree of chilly, it can generate 3kg to 6kg per 6 months. For 28, chilly tree can generate at least RM28, x 3 x RM3.

For organisation, I have 2 uncle ready to work for me.

For another employee I decided to advertise to find 23 workers. It is 3 employee manage for 1 acre chilly tree.

Kursus Fertigasi Cili UTM Siri 1 | Staff

ANd at my office, It need 2 employee as take care for account and general matter. Right now, I dont start any plantation as I have moved to new house and it dont have a land to do chilly farm. At my old home I rental houseI got RM for 6 months for chilly trees.

ANd another is for management for 1 season 6 months included employee salary. Right now I dont have any investor and my company is just Enterprise.

Seek RMK for Cili Fertigasi farm in Kelantan – CAPITAL

My proposal is to get a loan geran kerajaan RMThe risk is the chilly tree maybe will be attack by virus clii it can be poisened. Second risk is employee, employee who work for a while we will find another employee through advertisement or maybe we will take indonesian workers to for replacement.


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RMAmount Invested: Farm of chilly generate revenue RMfor 1 season 6months Business Opportunity: Investment Risk and Mitigation: It take 2 year to settle all loan. I am very confident in 2 years, I will pay all my cipi.