Click Here To Download: •Cerabar M PMC51, PMP51, PMP55 Datasheet. Pressure transmitter with metal sensor; With analog electronics or communication via. The Cerabar M is a pressure transmitter for measuring level and pressure. . 2) The equation does not apply for PMP51 and PMP55 with a 40 bar ( psi) or a. The Cerabar M is a pressure transmitter for measuring pressure and level. . 2) The equation does not apply for PMP51 and PMP55 with a 40 bar ( psi) or a.

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Detailed information about the device can be found in the Operating Instructions and the other documentation: Available for all device versions via: XX Serial number 2. This symbol alerts you to a dangerous situation. Failure to avoid this situation will result in serious or fatal injury.

Cerabat to avoid this situation can result in serious or fatal injury. Failure to avoid this situation can result in minor or medium injury.

This symbol contains information on procedures and other facts which do not result in personal injury Electrical symbols Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning Direct current Alternating current Direct current and alternating cerabwr Protective ground connection A terminal which must be connected to ground prior to establishing any other connections. Ground connection A grounded terminal which, as far as pmmc51 operator is concerned, is grounded via a grounding system.

Equipotential connection A connection that has to be connected to the plant grounding system: This may be a potential equalization line or a star grounding system depending on national or company codes of practice. A Forbidden Indicates procedures, processes or actions that are forbidden. A Tip Indicates additional information. A Reference to documentation A Reference to page.

A Reference to graphic A , Numbering for main items 1. Series of steps A, B, C, D etc. Views Symbols on the device Symbol Meaning Safety instructions Observe the safety instructions in the associated Operating Instructions.

Are instructed and authorized according to the requirements of the task by the facility’s owner-operator Follow the instructions in these Operating Instructions 2.

Clarification of borderline cases: Wear the required personal protective equipment according to national regulations. Switch off the supply voltage before connecting the device. Operate the device in a proper technical condition and fail-safe condition only.

The operator is responsible for the trouble-free operation of the device.

Modifications to the device Unauthorized modifications to the device are not permitted and can lead to unforeseeable dangers: Repair To ensure continued operational safety: Carry out repairs on the device only if they are expressly permitted.

Observe national regulations pertaining to the repair of an electrical device. Ferabar the nameplate to determine whether the ordered device can be used for the intended application in the hazardous area.

It meets general safety standards and legal requirements. Nameplate specifications Order code with a breakdown of the device features on the delivery note Enter serial number from nameplates in the Device Viewer All information about the measuring device is displayed.


For an overview of the technical documentation provided, enter the serial number from the nameplates in the Device Viewer 3.

Device Optional accessories Documentation supplied: Download Brief Operating Instructions: KAP Final inspection report Optional: The devices comply with the applicable standards and regulations as listed in the EC Declaration of Conformity and thus comply with the statutory requirements of the EC Directives.

Check the shipment, make sure nothing is missing and that the scope of supply matches your order. Transport the measuring device to the measuring point in its original packaging or by the process connection. Follow the safety instructions and transport conditions for devices weighing more than 18 kg Do not use capillaries as a carrying aid for the diaphragm seals.

When screwing the device into the tank, the flat seal has to be positioned on the sealing surface of the process connection. To avoid additional strain on the process isolating diaphragm, the thread should never be sealed with hemp or similar materials. Devices with NPT threads: Wrap Teflon tape around the thread to seal it. Tighten the device at the hexagonal bolt only. Do not turn at the housing. Do not overtighten the thread when screwing. Sensor modules with PVDF process connections with threaded connection must be installed with the mounting bracket provided!!

Risk of injury if parts burst! The thread can become loose if exposed to high pressure and temperatures. The integrity of the thread must be checked regularly and the thread may need to be re-tightened with the maximum tightening torque of 7 Nm 5. If a heated Cerabar M is cooled during the cleaning process e.

We recommend the use of shutoff devices and siphons. The orientation depends on the measuring application. Do not clean or touch process isolating diaphragms with hard or pointed objects. Pressure measurement in gases Mount the Cerabar M with the shutoff device above the tapping point so that any condensate can flow into the process.

Pressure measurement in steams Mount Cerabar M with siphon above the tapping point. Fill the siphon with liquid before commissioning. The siphon reduces the temperature to almost the ambient temperature. Pressure measurement in liquids Mount Cerabar M with shutoff device below or at the same level as the tapping point.

Level measurement Always install the Cerabar M below the lowest measuring point. Do not mount the device in the filling curtain or at a point in the tank which could be affected by pressure pulses from an agitator. Do not mount the device in the suction area of a pump. The calibration and functional test can be carried out more easily if you mount the device downstream of a shutoff device.

Please note that the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid columns in the capillaries can cause zero point shift.

Endress+Hauser Cerabar M PMC51 Operating Instructions Manual: Overvoltage Protection (optional)

The zero point shift can be corrected. Do not clean or touch the process isolating diaphragm of the diaphragm seal with hard or pointed objects. Do not remove process isolating diaphragm protection until shortly before installation. Damage to the device! A diaphragm seal and the pressure transmitter together form a closed, oil-filled calibrated system.


The fill fluid hole is sealed and may not be opened. When using a mounting bracket, sufficient strain relief must be ensured for the capillaries in order to prevent the capillary bending down bending radius 3.

Please observe pjc51 application limits of the diaphragm seal filling oil as detailed in the Technical Information for Cerabar M TIP, “Planning instructions for diaphragm seal systems” section. NOTICE In order to obtain more precise measurement results and to avoid a defect in the device, mount the capillaries as follows: Vibration-free in order to avoid additional pressure fluctuations Not in the vicinity of heating or cooling lines Insulate if j ambient temperature is below or above the reference temperature With a bending radius of mm 3.

Brief Operating Instructions Cerabar M PMC51, PMP51, PMP55 – PDF

Do not use the capillaries as a carrying aid for the diaphragm seals! Vacuum application See pmc1 instructions. Mounting with temperature isolator See operating instructions. The seal is not allowed to press against the process isolating diaphragm as this could affect the measurement result. Ensure that the seal is not touching the process isolating diaphragm. Insert the connector item 4 into the corresponding connection jack of the cable item 2. Plug the cable into the housing adapter item 6.

Tighten the locking screw item 5. Mount the housing on a wall or pipe using the mounting bracket item 7. When mounting on a pipe, tighten the nuts on the bracket uniformly with a torque of at least 5 Nm 3. Mount the cable with a bending radius r mm 4. Mineral-based, animal-based or vegetable-based lubricants cause the EPDM cover seal to swell and the transmitter to become leaky.

The thread is coated at the factory and therefore does not require any lubrication. When closing the housing covers make sure that the threads on the covers and the housing are free from dirt, such as sand. If you encounter resistance when closing the covers, then check the threads again for dirt Closing the cover on the stainless ceraba housing Abb. Closing the cover A The cover for the electronics compartment is tightened by hand at the housing until the stop.

The screw serves as DustEx protection only on devices with DustEx approval. Does the device comply with the measuring point specifications? Process temperature Process pressure Ambient temperature range Measuring range Are the measuring point identification and labeling correct visual inspection?

Is the device adequately protected against precipitation and direct sunlight? Are the securing screw and securing clamp tightened securely? Ensure that no uncontrolles processes are activated in the system. When using the measuring device in hazardous areas, installation must comply with the corresponding national standards and regulations cerabra the Safety Instructions or Installation or Control Drawings.

Protective circuits against reverse polarity, HF influences and overvoltage peaks are integrated.