Cataphoresis painting is a process to increase corrosion resistance of exterior surface of the goods. It’s a electro coating process based on electrochemistry. Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby Appropriate anti-corrosive basic surface treatment for powder coating colors. Cataphoresis Treatment. (Cationic Electro Deposition of Paint / Electro Coating). The process of cataphoresis is a electtro deposition of paint in.

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Thanks for your answers. Cataphoretic coating is an electrophroretic coating process when the part being coated is cathodic; anophoretic coating is an electrophoretic coating process where the part being coated is anodic. We want to transfer a part of our productions on China, for this reason I want to contact a China supplier for cataphoresis process to be applied on metallic steel parts. Our company is one of the pioneer organizations in India for painting systems.

Treatment of cataphoresis

I would like to know whether after Catophoretic treatment Liquid Finish Painting can be done OR whether only powder coating can be applied? Cataphoresis – KTL cyclic – Galma, a. The question of whether a CED primer coating can hang around for a long time and then require only degreasing before subsequent paint or powder coating layers are applied may be looking at the question from slightly the wrong direction.

It consist of painting tanks and UF tanks. Is that true in every case? The biggest contribution to the development of cataphoresis technology has automotive industry, where anti-corrosion resistance of bodyworks and other components is the focus of interest of all producers. The issue is that subsequent coatings can only get full adhesion onto clean parts.

February 13, A. Accept Disable Cookies Cookie Policy. From rinse the parts move to the bake oven. Chemicals used in surface pretreatment are supplied by the company Henkel.

I’ll offer you my book knowledge, but with hope that a reader with significant real-world experience will correct me: Can it be due to the bath which should be electrically charged? Coatinf the Cataphoresis process, the amount of voltage dictates the thickness of paint coating.


Lakum KTL – Váš partner od návrhu, až po dodání finálního výrobku

I am not an expert in the following assertion, but it is my understanding that early electrodeposition was often done with anaphoretic paint, but cataphoretic is perceived today as generally superior and is far more common these days. It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. We require Zn-Fe plating of 8 Microns followed by cataphoretic paint of 15 Microns. Epoxy, polyester, and probably other CED coatings are available.

Please coqting us your best suggestion. Iron and Zinc phosphate are most commonly used in the process either by spray booth or immersion. The work piece can be either cathodic in which case the coating may be called catalhoresis, cathodic electrodeposition, or CED or anodic in which case the process may be called anaphoretic.

Hanging tools are used in cataphoresis line, have no additional cleaning wastes because this tools are developed to provide to not stick the painting on themselves. So can it be any paint, or does it have to be a specific one? I wanted to know what is basic difference between Cataphoresis and E – coating.

Can we paint a cataphoresized substrate a long time after the cataphoresis have been done, only after degreasing it? Surface cleaning group Suface preparing group Coating group Flash-off and oven group 1-Surface Cleaning Group In order to link the painting with iron, surface cleaning must be done in extreme qualitative way. What can we do for you? A closed chemical process to provide enviromentally friendly solution to cating.

The water acts as a carrier for the paint solids.

Cataphoresis Coating – Lehmann Kataforez

According to the type of powder, there is possible to achieve corrosion resistance of hours. One of our core values is best quality. I will have a last question about cataphoresis, a bit more difficult: This experience and our chemical know-how leads to meeting and even exceeding OEM minimum hours test results according to EN salt spray test.


CED coating with gold colored post dye; same part, different lighting Regular paints cannot be used because the process is not like electrostatic spraying, where the electricity is used only for attracting the paint; rather electrons coming from the cathode actually convert the paint ions to a different material. These test performances are enclosed the OEM values with the superior qualification. Cataphoresis represents one of the most progressive production technologies of application of basic paints with a high degree of corrosion protection of metals.

Zn-Fe is an alloy plating. Paint solids will stick to the part as it exits the dip tank and these are removed in the rinse tank. Thanks again for your time! Try the web site of the Electrocoat Association, you will find there a lot of information. Of these different ways, electroplating is usually the most economical and satisfactory when coatings are in the 8 micron range. This application has high performance on corrosion and impacts comparing to electro-static dust and electro-static wet paint coatings.

That’s a tall coatinf, but here’s a brief intro — Foating can be applied to steel parts to offer them cathodic protection i. The zinc electroplating bath can be acid based or alkaline based. How is it applied? Products are located in the sub-region of the vehicles with no visual contact and they are described as a safety piece.

If the parts can be kept clean it should be no problem, but whether “degreasing” is sufficient to clean dirty parts can be an open question.