K Zildjian cymbals are known for their dark, warm sound that harkens back to the original K cymbals developed by Zildjian in 19th Century. Turkey. We use. All later Avedis Zildjian stamps have dot dot dash dash at the bottom of the Image: Zilco TRADE MARK stamp in WFL Catalog .. This seems to be the case in his original essay, and to have lasted until at least Avedis Zildjian info by year annotated with information and links: Avedis catalog lists Bop Flange Hats and Be-Bop cymbals 18″ to 26″ (Cymbal Book , p) AB change to pin lathing on K Cons; 15, 17, 19 crashes added.

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It is the way these materials are mixed however, rather than a change in the ratio of materials used, which creates the higher pitched sound.

Feb 11, For examples of hammering on these s cymbals go to the cattalogo page. Zildjian, who at that time, was a competitor of A. Actually in Drum catalogs are where Zildjian models are displayed more so than independent catalogs from Zildjian themselves All the old Drum brand catalogs -most- had a cymbals section- within.

Zildjian Downloads

We’re still investigating whether the two different stamp dies were used in different years, or whether they overlap in time.

It’s a work in progress. But it may be difficult to dislodge ” stamp” as a term because it has become established. The ends of the letters are also sharper and cataligo square.

I should have been more specific. And I’ve seen only 1 or 2 pairs of Zkldjian hats. Or the ; which is the Z of Zildjian. These are the three dots in question. Solid Zildjian on the top and bottom Image: Since I’ve been looking closely I’ve identified a possible 5th sub type.


The next stamp s is slightly smaller.

Early 70s Zildjian ride models | [DFO] Drum Forum

So all of these AZCO stamps can be generally referred to as s. Knowing that we are looking at Ottoman also gives us a bit of an insight into what the dots are about catlaogo appear over some letters but not in all versions of all die stamps. This same nice vertical alignment is true of the C of Cymbals and the N of iN.

In terms of production techniques it appears similar to other Avedis cymbals of that period. The earlier stamp is characterized by a “chunky” or “thick line” appearance in the Ottoman section, and it and has three dashes under it.

If you can hold such a cymbal in your hands and turn it to and fro in the light, the hammering is easy to pick. But all the lines are pretty much the same size in the three dots Large Stamp. The stamp tells you which stamp went on the cymbal when it was stamped. But this may turn out to be because zildjisn anybody has been noticing that they are different.

Another cqtalogo to note is that in the English portion there are another three dots My interest was in pricing studies and for that I need to have accurate assessments of production era so that I could code cymbals reliably as being s versus s. Having checked myself against my reference collection I can do the test visually without having to do the actual construction.


Large stamp 3 dots rounded center of the bell I don’t know why there is variation in this yet. Larger diameters become more common from Exhibit F Stamps onwards as far as we can tell from limited data. Under stage lights, or even just the lights in your garage, the lathing bands create a shimmering effect which is magnified when the cymbals are struck.

A gallery of the Avedis Trademark and Ink Logo eras

Below is a picture of the stamp being measured with the ruler in place. I am happy to accept well referenced additions or corrections to when models come in and out, the years when stamps or sildjian ink styles appeared, etc. Once again this will change in the s and is a second way to tell the s stamp from the s small stamp. Zenjian for Leedy s Image: Zenjians look like the Avedis production cymbals of that period.

Hollow Ink Zildjian Logo Image: I’ve seen a dozen people misidentify a 60s stamp as a Hollow Block because they aren’t looking closely enough. I’d love to add it to my list and know which die stamp it catlogo.

Cursive A next to the model ink Image: A list of the model changes is here. Zildjian did not introduce the A custom series to offer a departure from their signature sound; it is more an additional option which allows musicians to fine tune their sound.