Shop for a great value Carlo Domeniconi Koyunbaba here at London Guitar Studio today! Were passionate about Flamenco and Classical guitars, so pop in and. In this exclusive interview, Carlo Domeniconi relates the meaning behind his Turkish-inspired solo guitar composition, “Koyunbaba”. March 13, ” Phenomenons, Carlo Domeniconi Interview” with composer Carlo Domeniconi, whose hypnotic, Turkish-inspired piece “ Koyunbaba”.

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Carlo Domeniconi – Wikipedia

If I may ask, what is the draw of the piece? Is it a beautiful work?

I’m mixed on the piece actually. I LOVE hearing it played. However, I don’t know if I’d want to put in the effort to learn the piece. The alternate tuning alone makes it a pain to program in a recital I’ve only seen it as a closer I’m sure at some point, I’ll actually take a look at the piece, koyujbaba try and work on it.


Classical Guitar

But right now, I’ve got my pieces already set which I’m going to be doing for my graduate recital in 2 years I doubt I’ll ever be able to play it. It has been recorded by John Williams, William Kanengiser, and probably others. To see and hear a phenomenal performance of this, take a look at the teenage Li Jie playing it, on youtube: I agree I enjoy listening to it but don’t feel like putting in the time to learn it.

I once saw Antigoni Goni in concert at Keene State College and she spent about five minutes tuning and it was very awkward. Other than that a great domenivoni.

The first one has a rather haunting caro, but that’s about it. Holy cow, I take it this piece requires more scordatura than simply the sixth string! The guitar is tuned to an open C minor chord with this tuning: Nope, I don’t own the music, but there are a lot of folks here who hold that piece in high regard. I also believe Koyunnbaba to be a much deeper composer, but Domeniconi has written some interesting pieces.


However, I also love listening to it – I find it quite a moving piece.

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I can understand why the initial post was so keen to learn it – it is haunting and quite beautiful. I am tempted to retune me old guitar and try to learn some of it now! Board index All domeniclni are UTC.