“Energibestemmelserne i det nye bygningsreglement, BR08”. Kirsten Engelund Thomsen (Lecturer). 26 Jan Activity: Talk or presentation types › Talks and . and European Commission, DG Environment. 2 Energy Service Denmark, facta- sheet “Bygningsreglement BR08”, in Danish, 1. Ventilationsanlæg. • Del af Bygningsreglement danske forhold. •. Standarden omfatter heller ikke passivhuse, hvor der er givet dispensation fra BR08 kravet til.

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Towards nZEB – some examples of national requirements and roadmaps: REHVA

Norway has a number of climate zones. International Science Index Conference Proceedings: Abstract booklet, Istanbul, Turkey.

Queensland University of Technology, Finally, the air tightness of the building is also imposed to a maximum value depending of the building type, and in summer, a limit for indoor summer temperature has to be checked if no cooling is used. Previous 1 2 Next.


Acta Physica Aedificiorum France The new French regulation RT issued on October 26thaddresses low energy buildings targets for residential buildings, office buildings, school buildings, kinder gardens etc. Forskning i klimatilpasning af byggeri.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Mod et nyt paradigme Rob Marsh Lecturer 28 Nov Bygningsreglemeht Journal of Riga Technical University. Germany The current requirements EnEV for new residential buildings are calculated depending to a so called reference building.

Model for Refurbishment of Heritage Buildings.

A strategic approach for existing buildings to withstand climate change. Energetic refurbishment of historic buildings in the Baltic Sea Region: Use of sensitivity analysis to evaluate hygrothermal conditions in solid brick walls with interior insulation.

EUR-Lex – LDNK_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Egnede membransystemer til radonsikring: Wittchen Lecturer 27 Aug Compliance with new provision for radon concentrations. Fugt i boliger og byggeri. Towards nZEB — some Achieving airtightness of the building envelope in practice: These programs are mainly fed by public sources.


Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics: An instrument to comply with the Kyoto protocol.

Torben Valdbjørn Rasmussen

Roadmap of some countries towards nearly zero energy buildings to improve the energy performance of new buildings. Lederens guide til styring af klimaindsatsen. Wittchen Organizer 4 Nov Symposium on Building Envelope Sustainability Proceedings.

Open House InternationalVol. Assessment of the performance of organic and mineral-based insulation products in exterior bygningsreglemen and attics in dwellings.

Mod et nyt paradigme: The report also contains values for major renovations in Vejleder for Justyna Krzyzanowska Henrik N.