BUPERSINST C PERS 29 Sep 08 BUPERS INSTRUCTION C From: Chief of Naval Personnel Subj: CERTIFICATE OF RELEASE OR. BUPERSINST B. 10 May 2 copy with additional information selectively included based on the recipient’s needs. d. DD provides. Find the most up-to-date version of BUPERS at Engineering BUPERS C CH June 30, (PERS-8) CERTIFICATE OF RELEASE OR.

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Browse for groups for your PIR date, your sailor’s occupational specialty, “A” school, assigned ship, homeport city, your own city or state, and a myriad of other interests. As far as the Recruiters “not working with her” As time pieces became more accurate and communication became global, there needed to be a point from which all other world times were based.

YN2 HUNT’s Tuesday Training Jeopardy

A yeomanpersonnelman or holder of another Navy administrative rating. Researching your daughters “history” on here I believe it was the run that was a challenge, then stress fractures.

She is determined She will be a Sailor.! There is only RE-1, 2, 3a-3u, and 4. Always keep Navy Operations Security in mind.


When you can speak an entire sentence using only acronyms and one verb, you’re truly a Navy mom. Check out these Navy Social Links January 10, from bkpersinst to 9pm — Lakehurst event center.

Hi everyone, so here it is. Here is the Separation code and info that goes along with it. Assign when single disqualifying factor only. Hope that helps some. Comment by diannep on July 24, at 5: Some of the most entertaining offerings are the propaganda commercials it frequently airs since regular advertising is not permitted.

Any profit made is retained by CafePress. Patient states that he was his normal self prior coming to the Navy base to start boot camp. I am already friends with Craig- here, and on FB I will contact him.

Mid-week-MILspeak: U.S. Navy slang – Maiden on the Midway

RE-3E Failure to meet education standards. I have no clue. Profits generated in the production of this merchandise are not being awarded to the Navy or any of its suppliers.

How can I re-enlist in the Navy?

Mid-week-MILspeak: U.S. Navy slang

My son is also on Ship 5 and being discharged and I am getting very little answers concerning this. I’m a 20 yo girl doing part-time modeling for hats and a big make-up company. On an aircraft carrier, this consists of 5 divisions: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Her recruiters have also said they won’t work with her until she gets a code change. Physical and moral courage and the confidence they create are essential warrior virtues. Jump in and introduce yourself!


So friend request him and discuss with him. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Navy and for Moms who have questions about Navy life for their kids. Many sailors find this amusing until it happens to them. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.

Need help in understanding a separation code– getting mixed information – and she wants to re enlist Posted by Steph Proud AG Mom on July 24, at 3: Read ALL of it but especially look at 2.

Hi My son is on ship 5 also. There is no such thing as an RE-8 re-enlistment code in the Navy.