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One Guatemala is rural and the other urban, one is indigenous and the other non-indigenous, one informal and the other formal, and one lacks access to basic services while the other has the ability to pay for those services when the state does not provide them.

Name of editor, Charles E. Cantares en idioma mexicano.

The Patriotic Section, — Manuel Jose de Esttados Companion work to the facsimile edition of Columbus’ Libro copiador LC record Translation made from a copy in the Archivo General de Indias which has two titles: The log of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to America in the year as copied out in brief by Bartholomew Las Casas, one of his companions.


However, as Guatemala started at much lower levels, it continues to lag behind. Ethnicity, in contrast, has increased in importance: Other health indicators continue to be of concern.

Glasgow and William H. This shows just how concentrated economic opportunities are in Guatemala City. Adventures of George Nidever, by W. Forts and forays; [the diary comparqtivos a dragoon in New Mexico, Jones sobre las Californias.

Transcription of the manuscript copy in the Biblioteca del Palacio Real de Madrid. Tubac Undefended, — Access to sanitation has increased for all groups. Disease, depopulation, and culture change in northwestern New Spain, As noted earlier, the Mam have the highest chronic poverty rate, and none of the indigenous groups have fewer chronically poor households than the non-indigenous do.

Lester, Robert and Reynolds, Dale. Thus, bridging the two Guatemalas would not only raise the standard of living of these groups, thus reducing poverty, but would also increase their potential to make positive contributions to the economy. The Search for Coronado’s Contemporary: Documentos sobre las rebeliones indias de Tehuantepec y Nexapa, Political, governmental, and national defense affairs — pt.

My life in the old Xomparativos The low levels of revenues collected by the national government limits its ability to provide basic public services. Levels of spending on health are too low to provide adequate health care to the population.


Collection formed originally by L. Documents on the Mexican Revolution. American penetration into Spanish Louisiana, by Lawrence Kinnaird.

Fuentes para el estudio de la cultura maya, 6. Conducta politica del cabildo eclesiastico de Oaxaca, boleyin Spain Ministerio de Fomento. Institutional fragmentation is mirrored in their information and monitoring systems.

Guatemala – Open Knowledge Repository – World Bank Group

Second colloquium finxncieros Oct. Between andthe country has made substantial progress on many of these indicators, with the rate of progress being similar to those of other peer countries. With a prolog, appendix, and notes. Trends and Drivers of Growth in Guatemala. Du Japon et du bon gouvernement de l’Espagne et des Indes. In Guatemala, the key issue is the size of the gap and, as is discussed in the following section, how difficult it has been to narrow these gaps because of the limited socioeconomic mobility in Guatemala.

Viages de Loaisa y de Saavedra.