THE EPIC TELLS about the bravery of. Lam-ang, who was precocious from birth. The adventures begin with his search for his father who was killed by the Igorot. Biag ni Lam-ang Buod Summary of Biag ni Lam-ang, the Ilocano epic of the Philippines Epiko English version of the Life / Buhay ni. Biag ni Lam-ang (Ilocano Epic Story). The theme of the epic revolves around the bravery and courage of the main character portrayed by.

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Satisfied with his revenge, he went home. Where did Lam-ang live? He asked the Igorots why they killed his father, but the Igorots instead advised him to go home if he did not want to suffer the same fate which his father suffered.

Death and subsequent rebirth After his death due to being eaten by a huge fish, Ehglish bones are recovered and he is resurrected with lamm-ang help of his magical pets. The wedding was elaborate, an event that involved practically everyone in town. Calip believe in the blag Hispanic origin of the poem.

She lived in Calanutian and he brought along his white rooster and gray dog to visit englih. His adventures begin when his father, Don Juan, set out for a battle but never returned.

Their nuptials are celebrated with a lot of feasting. There was a young woman named Ines Kannoyan whom Lam-ang wanted to woo. He was told that engliwh he desired to marry Cannoyan, he must first be able to match their wealth, for which he willingly complied. He brought it ashore and instructed the ladies to pull its teeth to serve as amulets against danger during journeys.


His rooster crowed and his dog barked and slowly the bones started to move. The headhunters threw spears at him,but he just catches it and throws it back to them. Views Read Edit View history.

Philippine Literature: Biag ni Lam-ang (Ilocano Epic Story)

Recited and written in the original Ilocano, the poem is believed to be a composite work of various poets who passed it on through the generations, and was first transcribed around by a blind Ilocano bard named Pedro Bucaneg. Great Filipinos in History. Posted by AmExtovertReokoii at His adventures begin when his father, Don Juan, set out for a battle but never returned.

Melmar Lam-wng 9 February at The teacher will then discuss epic poetry specifically, its definition and its characteristics. What special gift was Lam-ang born with?

Whether he is of honorable birth or not 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Your email address will not be published. Biag ni Lam-ang English: Philippine anthropologists and historiographers such as F. As they were about to neglish the river, Lam-ang noticed a giant crocodile.

Biag ni Lam-ang

Retrieved from ” https: This feat amazes everyone present, especially Ines. It is a popular poetic form composed of syllable lines arranged in quatrains. A Handbook of Philippine Folklore.

The theme of the epic revolves around the bravery and courage of the main character portrayed by Lam-ang, who was gifted with speech as early as his day of birth, who embarked on a biwg of adventures which culminated in his heroic death and subsequent resurrection.

Biay did the literary works survive? She then enlisted the aid of a certain diver named Marcus, who was ready to come to her aid to look for the bones. Satisfied with his revenge, he went home.

For his deep appreciation for the help of his pets – the cock biay the dog – and of Marcus the diver, he promised that each other would get his or its due reward. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address bia not be published.


Click here to sign up. While washing himself in the river, the river swelled, and the shrimps, fishes and other creatures in the river were agitated for the dirt washed from his body was too much. Lam-ang is an extraordinary being, manifesting when he begins to speak in his early years, thus enabling him to choose his own name.

Readings in Philippine Literature. Marriage Upon arriving home, Lam-ang decides to court lam-sng love interest, Ines Kannoyan who lives in Calanutian Kanluit.

I really like it because it is very interesting and a story that you can always tell to younger generations.

Lam-ang then goes off in search of his father, leaving his grieving mother behind. He also chose his godparents and asked where his father was. Philippine and Asian Literature Topic: Biag ni Lam-ang 1.

After the discussion and given activities, the students should be able to: Lam-ang in Transition by Kenneth E.

After his death due to being eaten by a huge fish, Lam-ang’s bones are recovered and he is resurrected with the help of his magical pets. While on his way, he biav a certain Sumarang, whose name connotes obstruction, who tried to dissuade him from proceeding and who taunted him into a fight.