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Proteomics, Dec; 8() . [news]Denmark Heads $M Psychiatric Consortium that Includes BGI and Decode · [news]New job-creating. Florian Rubelt, Christian E Busse, Syed Ahmad Chan Bukhari, et al. Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Community recommendations for sharing. Choose Travelocity to book your next American Airlines flight from CLT to BGI. Shop for top deals on your next business trip or vacation.

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Origin of a novel regulatory module by duplication and degeneration of an ancient plant transcription factor. Journal of Functional Foods. Recent breeding programs enhanced genetic diversity in both desi and kabuli varieties of chickpea Cicer arietinum L. Genome of Drosophila suzukii, the Spotted Wing Drosophila. The kgtP locus in K is Whole genome sequence analysis of BT using complete Genomics’ standard and long fragment read technologies.

Gigascience 6 8: Early allopolyploid evolution in the post-Neolithic Brassica napus oilseed genome. Building phylogenetic trees from molecular data with MEGA.

A high-quality carrot genome assembly provides new insights into carotenoid accumulation and asterid genome evolution. A chromosome-level genome assembly of the Asian arowana, Scleropages formosus.

Introgression maintains the genetic integrity of the sex-determining chromosome of the fungus Neurospora tetrasperma. Crowdsourced direct-to-consumer genomic analysis of a family quartet. The genetic basis for ecological adaptation of the Atlantic herring revealed by genome sequencing. Mark 50038 Been, Val F. Molecular cloning, mRNA expression and tissue distribution bgj of Slc7a11 gene in alpaca Lama paco skins associated with different coat colors. Tumor-selective replication herpes simplex virus-based technology significantly improves clinical detection and prognostication of viable circulating tumor cells.


The alternative electron acceptor tetrathionate supports Bdependent anaerobic growth of Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium on ethanolamine or 1,2-propanediol. A soft selective sweep during rapid evolution of gentle behaviour in an Africanized honeybee.

Genome Biology, June 14; 9 6: Exome sequencing revealed mutant genes with low penetrance involved in MEN2A tumorigenesis. Candidate single-nucleotide polymorphisms and cerebral palsy: CFT is also required for aerobic growth using KG as the sole carbon source.

Gene: BGIOSGA – Summary – Oryza sativa Indica Group – Ensembl Genomes 41

Mutational bias of Turnip Yellow Mosaic Virus in the context of host anti-viral gene silencing. Clinical validation of a novel urine-based metabolomic test for the detection of colonic polyps on Chinese population. TP53 and RET may serve as biomarkers of prognostic evaluation and targeted therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma. BS-virus-finder virus integration calling using bisulfite sequencing data. Theriogenology, Sep 15; 70 5: Positive correlation between recombination rate and nucleotide diversity is shown under domestication selection in the chicken genome.


A novel pathogenic single nucleotide germline deletion in APC gene in a four generation Chinese family with familial adenomatous polyposis.

Gene: BGIOSGA038474

No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. Complete genome sequence of a xanthan-degrading Microbacterium sp.

Evolution of neuropeptides in non-pterygote hexapods. The Bgu arowana Scleropages formosus genome provides new insights into the evolution of an early lineage of teleosts. Epub Aug Mutation rate analysis at 19 autosomal microsatellites.

Paternal Hemizygosity in 11p15 in Mole-like Conceptuses: Dissecting molecular evolution in the highly diverse plant clade Caryophyllales using transcriptome sequencing. Comparing the two phylogenetic trees 50388 Figures S5A,Bit is evident that the two transporters have different patterns: Genetic blueprint of the zoonotic pathogen Toxocara canis. Epub Aug 1. Complete mitochondrial genome of Drosophila albomicans.