Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Bertrice . Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After her older sister’s arranged marriage is a. Francesca. Bertrice Small. Buy This Book. Reading Francesca proved to be such a long, horrific process for me, I began to wonder how in the.

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Francesca was the perfect second story after Bianca. Today writers are encouraged to not spend paragraphs on relentless detail like this, because it supposedly slows down the story, disrupts bertric flow, the action. But Rafaello is ignoring his bride, and Francesca will have none of that. But the book is certainly worth losing a few hours of sleep. Stay in Touch Sign up. I think that maybe at least in the beginning that Rafello was too concerned about her sensibilities.

I like an ending that puts tears in my eyes smal a smile on my face. Stand warned, you might be tempted to throw the book against the wall.

Plot twists several times where you don’t know where the story will go or who will show up. If none of the above conveys the horribleness that was this bertrics, I will warn you that it does not end happily, at least not by conventional romance novel standards.


Apr 02, Pages. I like historical books with romance and true versions of history mixed in.

Download our Berrrice Fiction Sampler Now. Contractions were a rarity, meaning that everyone sounded as if they had just learned to speak English. Bertrice Small is a romance writing legend.

You can tell every time you read her novels. Francesca is the second book in Small’s “Silk Merchant’s Daughters” series yes, each book is named after each girl.

Francesca: The Silk Merchant’s Daughters by Bertrice Small – Penguin Books Australia

But how certain can the future be for the runaway bride, who is still promised to another? Back in town, Francesca learns that the next day is the day Rafaello will be married. There, she earns her keep as a servant—and meets an unlikely suitor who steals her heart. So he did find a new bride after all? Oct 07, Pages. I usually don’t read romance novels however I love the concept being very romantic at heart.

The Duke of Terreno Boscoso bertrjce a wife for his heir, Rafaello, and invites Francesca, along with several other possible brides, to come meet him.

Francesca (Silk Merchant’s Daughters, book 2) by Bertrice Small

Furious and feeling betrayed, Francesca flees into the forest and takes shelter at an inn. Everyone thought she was beautiful. Apparently, the Duke has know where she was fraancesca whole winter, and has decided to leave her there, to reconsider her life.


They have always delighted me. Which is not smart to do on a Monday, when I kept on reading way past my bedtime. Dec 20, Ashley rated it it was amazing. Francesca is one of three maidens selected as potential bride for Rafaello. The Splendor Before the Dark.

But the future remains uncertain for the runaway bride, who is still promised zmall another. But the future remains uncertain for the runaway bride, who is still promised to another.

Francesca: The Silk Merchant’s Daughters

Another thing that disappointed me was what happened to Rafaello. She does not want him! After the scandal in Venice, Francesca is sent back home to Florence, to find a husband there. Another good story from Bertrice Small. Jul 01, Naksed rated it really liked it Shelves: Before We Were Yours. Francesca was a good edition, though not her best. Interesting moments, I didn’t care for Francesca most of the story.

Feb 18, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: We have enough of that in our lives.