The God Theory by Bernard Haisch. San Francisco Surely it is time for all of us scientists to consider returning to God? If reading that first line. John said: In his “God Theory” book, Haisch takes issue with “reductionism”. Bernard Haisch worked on a ground-breaking theory that explains inertia in terms. The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What’s Behind It All (Book, ) by Bernard Haisch. $ Hardcover. Red Wheel/Weiser imprints include .

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However, it is known classically that without the zero point field the spin state of all matter would collapse inward almost instantaneously. But brenard the same time, I have to admit that his discussion of zero-point fields left me a bit perplexed.

However exceptional human experiences and accounts of mystics throughout the ages do suggest that we live in a purposeful universe. Sep 05, Jeff rated it it was ok.

Please help by adding reliable sources. In Haisch founded the California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in Palo Alto, Californiaan organization mainly devoted to the study of the electromagnetic quantum vacuum and funded by private philanthropic money.

Bernard Haisch

Haisch published a follow-up in’Purpose Guided Universe’. God exists in each of us I’m really torn on giving this book three stars as I am not sure I would rate it that high. We are also both astronomers who have become deeply interested in fundamental physics, and who, despite our limitations, insist theiry probing physics as best we can.

I found myself seeing a lot of my beliefs in what he was writing about. To wit, Newton was right – there is a God – and wrong – this is not merely a material world.


Review of “The God Theory”

In such a short book, he scratches the surface of a lot of topics, and he has guided me toward further exploration. Einstein was part reductionist because he believed to his dying day that all the laws of the universe could eventually be combined to explain the totality. His discussion leads to some fascinating and important corollaries: The illusion of matter, which is to say the illusion of a really-existing world, is so strong, that I think most scientists are unable to overcome it.

In Haisch published a popular book in which he attempted to reconcile modern scientific belief with traditional religious belief. My only disappointment in the book is that I vod reading it in less than 24 hours.

The author was once studying for the priesthood and ended up an astrophysicist. It’s a bit tough reading at times, but his insights are excellent.

The God Theory: Universes, Zero-Point Fields and What’s Behind It All

Reading this book has not disappointed my expectations one bit A little further he writes: I am not an astrophysicist, or even an accomplished scientist of any kind; but I have always believed that the most accurate theory for our place in the universe hhaisch somewhere between the various flavors of the Bible and modern science. Are you one of them? Instead, it just asks us to keep an open mind to possibilities, and not to be too fanatical about what we decide upon. Bestsellers by Christopher HitchinsRichard Dawkins and Sam Harris have denounced the evils of religion and proclaimed that science has shown that there is no God.


Bernard Haisch – Wikipedia

Dec 26, Robert J. Want to Read saving…. This is supposed to prove something, which it does not. Then, when I found out that “The God Theory” is a real book written by a bonafide astrophysicist, I bought it right away! My choice is solipsism or God. His main research from the mid s until the late s was high energy astrophysics, and specifically the ultraviolet and X-ray emissions from coronae and flares on the Sun and other late-type stars.

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Overall though, it is a worthy and thought-provoking read. The author of this text makes it bernar clear that there is no place in his professional and personal perhaps life for God. Fantastic book hiasch attempts to put some science behind what we see as consciousness and the human condition.

It happened that I’ve started reading two books somehow in same time – bot are related to the same topics: If the level were not there, there could be little carbon, hence no Hoyle.

And how, out of this, does God appear? This book was written by an astrophysicist with a bit of a background in the seminary. And just after this section: