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The kata begins with what could be seen as a Zen Shashu gesture except the left and right hands have been switched. The principles contained in this book can be used with virtually any kata, from any style, or any association. Archived from the original PDF on 29 November Block hook bunkkai left arm, upper cut unisex; addresses 1, 2 of top 8 b. That review process most importantly not only states what is the top likely street events bunkxi lead to a medically relevant injury, but also which techniques do not and this, surprisingly to many, includes a broad range of commonly used kansetsu waza often displayed by karate-ka in bunkai.

See offer for details. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Fai Designer Fashion Brands.

Bassai Dai / Passai

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Block hook with left arm, upper cut unisex; addresses bukai, 2 of top 8. DVD Jan 01, “Please retry”. Right arm “kansetsu uchi” for a lapel grab, combined with a break to the outside with left hand “kuri uke”, choke with right arm from rear male; addresses 3, 8 of top 8 5.

Bassai Dai / Passai |

Hence, Passai sho is a shorter variation on Passai and also bears some resemblances to Bassqi daiindicating bunoai kata may have been born out of combining elements of Passai and Passai sho. Retrieved 10 January Catch kick and throw away unisex; basxai 6 of top 8.

Itosu is thought to have created this from a version of Bassai practiced in Shuri city. This page was last edited on 4 Augustat John Burke “bassai dai Bunkai Strategies Newsletter week 13 koryu oyo jutsu”: If it doesn’t bunkwi with what your association says, but it makes sense to you then great, we are reading from the same hymn sheet. Some styles retain actions more similar to Mabuni’s moves at this point in the kata e. John Burke “koshi gamae Bunkai Strategies week 37 koryu karate oyo jutsu”: Therefore a rational exists for technique biases in basxai and curriculum design based on the potential need: Opponent grabs lapel, right hand comes down on elbow joint while left hand goes up to cover hook, then right.


University of Hawaii Karate Museum via archive. Iain Abernethy “Practical Kata Bunkai: Given Bassai Dai i s in the curricula of the two most practiscd styles of karate in the world today, Shotokan and Shito-ryu, it is the most proliferative kata of the Passai family. Taught at a “learning speed”, the demonstrations help with the understanding of some of the moves from the kata. This hand gesture is a common salutation in China.

The application is a possibility rather than a law. Of the Okinawan versions of Passaia clear evolutionary link can be seen from Matsumura no Passai named after the legendary Sokon Matsumurato Oyadomari no Passai named after the Tomari-te karate master Kokan Oyadomari cai, and then onto the Passai of Anko Itosu who popularized karate by introducing it into the curriculum of Okinawan schools.

Shotokan’s Basszi Dai is so different to Matsumura Passai! Applied Shotokan “Bassai Dai double uchi uke”: The modern kanji representing Bassai Daitranslate as “to storm a fortress”.

The Okinawans did not have a clear definition for the name ” Passai ” for Funakoshi to translate into Japanese, so he substituted it with a similar-sounding kanji” Bassai “. Retrieved 4 March Get to Know Us. A high resoultion, non-sample image can be downloaded here However, there is some contention between researchers as to if there was a separate Tomari school of karate.

It might be rebellious to look outside those oft touted applications that some basssai “forced” to learn, but wouldn’t you rather have the options available to you? John Burke “bassai dai triple block Bunkai Strategies week 33 koryu karate oyo jutsu”:.


As three examples of some high level data on violence, the differing violence categories have different violence ratios.

Regardless of style, you should be able to see the similarities in the kata. With the above stated, the below bunkai list does not represent one of the four violence categories above which we advocate for students in the dojobut rather gives a bunkai set that is relevant to the top 8 techniques which produce medical outcomes in the street see ISBN for details spanning all 4 of the the dwi categories i.

John Burke “awase zuki Nijushiho Bunkai Strategies week 4 henka koryu oyo jutsu”:. The Kata is performed fast and slow at different angles and includes a slow walk through of the pattern. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. John Burke “yama zuki Bunkai Strategies week 36 koryu karate oyo jutsu”: Shihan Jason Armstrong, 7th Dan, is the primary instructor in this video, Sensei Shawn Danaher demonstrates the Shotokan versions of the kata.

Fortress Storming is a page book featuring background and historical information, a PP primer, and the common rules for self defence situations.

Rather than performing defences against roundhouse kicks and combinations that people don’t really do, John Burke put together a book to show how the kata works with Pressure Point applications against real types of attack. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

For example, pictured left is Mabuni performing the kick at the gunkai kata point. However, even for those not familiar with an evidence and violence sub-category based approach, it should create some food for thought on how to go about the process also see below for a 35min video download that walks through these 11 bunkai and the kata.

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