for these. But an explanation ofthe esoteric symbolism of the magic circle is what would even be worse, he co Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical. The second book presents the next stages of magical development. Detailed descriptions for evocation of beings from the spheres surrounding us. The aspirant. The Practice of Magical Evocation is the second volume in Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Science, and provides first-hand information about angels.

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It would lead too far, if I tried to state here all the possibilities of the magic wand. An ideal light is procured by a spiritlamp, a spirit-flame.

This is the reason why a genuine magician will never draw a circle, carry out rituals, or follow instructions concerning ceremonial magic to which he himself is not identified in his individual practice. Lead corresponding to Saturn Tin corresponding to J upiter Iron corresponding to Mars Gold corresponding to the Sun Copper corresponding to Venus Brass corresponding to Mercury Silver corresponding to the Moon Apart from this, the evocatikn may have engravings portraying the intelligences of the above-mentioned planets.

Franz Bardon had personal contact with each being and was instructed by them as to their specific attributes. Only evovation will the reader be able to achieve, satisfying results. Only in the hands of the magician bearing all this in mind will the instruments bring about the desired results.

Lighting the magic lamp is, from the hermetic point of view, evocatipn to lighting the magician’s inner light, and having it burn like a flame. The other ecocation to charge the wand with elements is as follows: This means that, for instance, a being projected into the mental sphere will naturally not be able to influence the physical world, but will only become effective in the mental world.

There is still another possibility: This can be effected by mere imagination, by means of the magician’s body or directly from the universe. During the Middle Ages knowledge of magic was repeatedly strongly attacked by various religious orders, the inquisitions of history being the evocatoon striking example of this.


Charging of either half has to be carried out separately, that means that you may draw from the universe first the electric fluid, accumulating it in the one end of the rod until that end is sufficiently loaded, and immediately after that the magnetic fluid, or vice versa.

Franz Bardon – Practice of Magical Evocation

The snake presented in the centre is not only the copy of an inner circle, but, above that, it is the symbol of wisdom. Its main object is firstly to get into barxon with the being or the power the magician wants to employ, secondly to call a certain being from the macrocosm into our physical world, and thirdly evocatoon condense this being in a manner that it may even have certain effects on our physical world.

Regarding this, the fact that demons usually turn up with a trident and are pictured with a trident, should be mentioned. Moreover, a magic circle may be produced by the accumulation of elements or the condensation of light. Usually those magicians who make use of such a sword are those who need such superficialities to get into the right state of mind. Thus, hazelnut or willow are to be used for a wishing-wand.

Following the principles which by now are already well known to the magician, each power or being will only have effects within the spheres into which it has been called and in which it has been condensed.

The magic sword usually serves as an implement in those cases where the magician wishes to exert a certain compulsory or forceable influence on a power or being, usually quite against its will.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon

The astral plane is the next one down and contains the archetypes of the physical world and to some extent the vital energy behind it; the physical world is the lowest of the planes and requires little explanation.

And having just left a different path for similar reasons, it ended up not feeling right for me to continue. Above all, the magician must always be aware of the fact that the magic wand is a symbol of his will, his strength and his power, and that it is representing a container like a fluid condenser of that power, quality etc.

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This book is a means for this aim. If the rod is to be charged electromagnetically, that is if both fluids should be prevalent in the wand, the magician must use a rod which has no hole in its middle.

On the wall in the background, following the old- Egyptian symbolism of the second tarot-card, are the pictures of the Godesses Isis and Evocattion. The magician will realize the more extensive his reading, the greater his intellectual capacity and the larger his store of knowledge happens to be, the more complicated his ritual and magic circle will be in order to furnish sufficient support for his spiritual consciousness, which then will make possible 15 an easier connection of the microcosm and the macrocosm in the centre of the circle.

The most important thing for him to know is the equilateral triangle, which is, for the magician, the universal symbol ranking immediately after the magic circle. In the chapters that follow the most important magical instruments will be described together with their symbolic functions as well as their practical application during ceremonial magic operations.

Evoctaion and Eve, too, were driven out of paradise by an angel with a burning sword. When charging the wand again, he has to go about in the other way.

The Genii of the Sun Sphere 8. Later, at the beginning of the modern age, magic was regarded as pure superstition, and any person showing a slight inclination to this kind of science was ridiculed. It is a rule that the being appears which has the characteristics of the colour created. When working with beings, the lamp has to be covered with coloured glass or celophane paper in such a way that the colour created will find the beings’ approval.

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