También se les denomina elementos de rigidezdel sistema. . Desbalance Rotatorio, Balanceo Estático, Balanceo Dinámico,Cabeceo de Ejes Rotatorios. que el desbalance de un rotor estédistribuido en varios planos. To carry out the rolling, the rotor shaft is placed on rails as shown in Figure 1a. The disc is rotated and left to stop on its own. It is marked on the disc with chalk at . El programa interactivo para analisis de vibraciones en sistemas rotativos ( PIAROT), tiene interfaces con un programa comercial de elementos finitos, siendo.

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WIPO translate Wipo internal translation tool. Colecciones nacionales e internacionales de patentes. Fecha de la solicitud, orden descendente. Fecha de la solicitud, orden ascendente. Nombre de la persona solicitante.

Nombre de la gotores inventora. A composition includes a polycarbonate resin formed via an interfacial polymerization process and from 0. A molded article formed from the composition may exhibit a yellowness index balannceo is less than that of a reference molded article formed from substantially similar polycarbonate composition comprising the polycarbonate resin but in the absence of the rootores acid.

Methods for forming the molded article in accordance with the above are also described. A wireless device can configure PUCCH resources in accordance with the configuration message and transmit a scheduling request. Underwater ultrasound transducer for underwater communications comprising an assembly of a backing structure and a multi-layer piezoelectric polymer film attached to elmentos surface of said backing structure, wherein said surface has a shape of a torus or of part of a torus and said film has a shape of part of a cylindrical segment, wherein said film is arranged in the outer half-surface of the torus shape.

It may comprise a plurality of cylindrical segment multi-layer piezoelectric polymer films arranged around the outer half-surface of the torus shape.

Introducción al Análisis de Vibraciones

The surface may have a shape of a torus cut along its equator rofores. Use of tissue composition and anthropomorphic measures in a method for the detection and quantification of arterial calcification in an organ is described for disease risk prediction and stratification. A radiographic image of an organ is transformed quantitatively to a tissue composition map indicating a total amount of organ tissue; a calcification map is generated indicating position in the tissue composition map of calcified tissue; calcification free tissue composition map is generated from the tissue composition map using the position of calcified tissue in the calcification map; a vessel map of the position of vessels in the tissue composition map is generated; and the vessel map is combined with the calcification map to generate a map of vessel calcification indicating the position of calcified vessels in the tissue composition map.

Scores are based on arterial calcification in a breast which indicates disease in the breast and other organs. A combination of biomarkers comprising a plurality of immuno-biomarkers associated with immune function that differentiates a responding patient from a non-responding one against a vaccine is provided. The present invention provides a method for producing a multilayered composite, the multilayered composite produced by the method as well elementis the use of the multilayered composite to replace or patch a number of tissues.

The methods of the present invention provide a multilayered composite that can have similar mechanical properties to that of native tissue.

Methods and related radio network nodes and user equipment are described for the indication of waveform in wireless communication networks. The methods include, and related radio network nodes and user equipment adapted to, receiving a downlink transmission from a radio network node, where the downlink transmission having at least one characteristic; selecting one waveform from two or more waveforms for an upcoming uplink transmission to the radio network node, where the waveform being selected based at least in part on the at least one characteristic of the downlink transmission; and transmitting the uplink transmission to the radio network node using the selected waveform.

A torque transfer device has a ring gear and inner and outer planet gear sets, which may not be orbiting but rotating in fixed positions relative to a housing.

One of the gear sets may comprise compound gears. There may also be a sun gear connected to a planet gear set. The sun gear may be an input and the ring gear an output for a reducing gear system to act as a torque amplifier.

The gears may be tapered and there may also be an axial force applied to one of the gear sets to tighten the meshing rotatuvos the tapered gears. Rotativow of the gear sets, for example a gear set to which an axial eldmentos is applied, may be floating.

A first aspect rotagivos the invention relates to leucine, acetyl-leucine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, for use in treating or preventing a migraine, or one or more symptoms associated therewith. A second aspect of the invention relates to a method of treating or preventing a migraine, rotatuvos one or more symptoms associated therewith, in a subject, said method comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically or prophylactically effective amount of leucine, acetyl-leucine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.

This dose determination program is a computer-executed program that determines the dose of an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent, and that executes, in a computer, a step S1 for acquiring a predetermined target hemoglobin concentration to be achieved, a step S2 for acquiring, from a stable state in which the hemoglobin concentration has stabilized at a first bapanceo by repeatedly administering a first dose a plurality of times, the first concentration and the first dose in said state, and a step S3 for calculating, from the target hemoglobin concentration, the first concentration, and the first dose that have been acquired, a second dose of the erythropoiesis-stimulating agent to be administered in a fixed amount.

Desbalance rotatorio y cabeceo de flechas rotatorias y elementos rotativos

A culture device comprising: The agitation device circulates the culture solution in the internal space of the culture vessel, and modifies the position and orientation balannceo the culture vessel so that the bottom surface of the internal space of the culture vessel is partially exposed and the exposed part is shifted in the turning direction R.


The present disclosure provides for a directional surface marking that provides directional messaging to users based on their direction of travel on a base surface, such as a roadway, walkway, or interior flooring, as non-limiting examples.

In some aspects, the directional messaging may comprise different colors, text, or symbols, wherein a user may view different directional messaging on a directional surface marking dependent on direction of travel. In some embodiments, directional surface markings may comprise a profile layerwherein the profile layer may comprise a plurality of profiles, which may allow for an application of directional messaging. Non-imaging radiation collecting and concentrating devices, and assemblies, are disclosed.

The non-imaging radiation collecting and concentrating devices comprise an entrance aperture for receiving incoming radiation, an exit aperture located opposite to the entrance aperture for outputting concentrated radiation, and one or more concaved reflectors arranged between the entrance and exit apertures. The concaved reflectors define an acceptance angle of the device relative to an optical axis thereof and configured such that their optical focuses are located between edges of the elementod aperture and the optical axis, thereby substantially preventing escape of the incoming radiation received in the entrance aperture within the acceptance angle and providing substantial uniform radiation collection at the exit aperture of the device.

Ortativos compact, low cost, space saving and simple in operation Nuclear Biological Chemical NBC filtration system for residential safe rooms. The NBC filtration system [10] Fig. Manual back and forth actuation of the backup bellows [24] is carried out with at least a portion of the protective cover [26] being rotkres as well, thus eliminating the need to first detach the protective cover.

The backup bellows [24] may comprise a deformable chamber [28] having a stationary first extremity [30] being airflow coupled to an outlet of the NBC filter unit [20], and a movable second extremity [36] being attached to and movable with the protective cover [26]. The protective cover [26] may be movably linked to the NBC filter unit [20] with a scissors mechanism [60]. This application relates to combination compositions for use in treatment of depression, and which can alleviate the anxiogenic side effects of certain antidepressant and antipsychotic medications.

Methods for treatment of depression and medicament side effects, particular anxiety, akathisia, and associated suicidality are also described herein.

A parallel-processing computer system is provided for parallel processing of data packets conveyed ed a communication network. The at least one program comprises instructions for: A guitar shaped musical instrument is provided that comprises a position sensors matrix, wherein each position sensor in the matrix is made of a left force sensitive resistor FSR and a right-FSR; a strumming sensors matrix, wherein each strumming sensor in the matrix is made of an up-FSR and a down-FSR; wherein each position sensor is associated with one fret of a plurality of frets and one string of a plurality of strings, and each strumming sensor is associated with one zone of a plurality of zones and one string of the plurality of strings.

A balancwo method of the musical instrument is provided as well as a method of utilizing the musical instrument for tutoring. A cable lock 10including: The method includes the procedures of receiving by an array of dual polarized antennas, transmissions from a plurality of transmitters.

Each one of the transmitters transmits over the same frequency band and according to the same transmission protocol. Each one of the transmitters is associated with unique multi-access information. The method further includes the procedure of receiving a control transmission from a base station. The base station employs the protocol.

The control transmission at least includes a plurality of unique multi-access information respective rotahivos the transmitters. The method also includes the procedure of associating between each one of the transmitters and the respective multi-access information and identifying transmitter usage characteristics of at least one selected transmitter according to the received transmission therefrom.

The transmitter usage characteristics include transmitter location characteristics and transmission characteristics. A system for automatically detect the occupancy of a parking space, comprising: The present invention relates to a system for identifying a vehicle approaching a parking space, from one or more video images while cross-referencing the video- image based identification with readings from sensors of a mobile device present within the vehicle, wherein after identification of the vehicle, it is tracked until reaching a parking space, during parking in the parking space and until the vehicle leaves the parking space.

A payload elevator system and method are disclosed, configured for providing a plurality of alternative payload elevator configurations, each payload elevator configuration being configured for transporting a payload module. A composite air vehicle configuration is also provided, including a respective payload elevator configuration, the payload elevator configuration being defined by and provided by the payload elevator system, and also including at least one payload module reversibly engaged to the payload elevator configuration via a corresponding engagement and release system.

Systems and methods for detecting underground voids, comprising steps of: An orthotic device for treating defective positioning in metatarsal and forefoot areas rotatuvos The support member has a convex portion positionable at a distal side of metatarsal joints and conformally adjacent thereto. The affixation means comprises: A heat exchanging system includes a tank including a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, which encloses envelopes a heat exchanger including a rotoes tube and one or more one heat exchanging plates, extending from the manifold tube.

The manifold tube includes nalanceo fluid intake and the fluid outlet, as well as a manifold barrier, which divides the interior of the manifold tube for example, which is hollowso as to define within the manifold tube an intake region and an outlet region.


The heat exchanging system also has at least one heat exchanging plate extending from the manifold tube, the at least one heat exchanging plate with at least one plate barrier, such that the heat exchanging plate is configured to define a fluid flow path within the heat exchanging plate such that fluid flows from the intake region of the manifold tube, through the heat exchanging plate into the outlet region of the manifold tube.

There is provided herein a process for the compaction of Polyhalite with a Potassium salt, wherein said process comprising: An improved method for production of K2SO4 from mixed potassium salts such as kainite or carnallite. By recycling end brines and ensuring that the potassium to sulfur ratio is at its optimum value, the method disclosed has higher efficiency and smaller losses than processes known in the art.

The subject matter discloses a computerized server for controlling roativos online game, comprising a gaming engine configured to run the online game, a communication interface configured to communicate game-related data between the gaming engine and an electronic device used by a player of the online game, a real-world data input configured to collect data concerning real world events, a gaming storage configured to store game elements of the online game, a conversion storage configured to store conversion functions, said conversion functions receive as input data concerning real world events and output updates of the game elements of the online game and a processing module configured to receive the data concerning real world events from the real-world data input and update at least one element of ed game elements s of the online game according to the conversion rules.

The invention provides human plasma-derived immunoglobulin compositions comprising low levels of thrombogenic agents and of IgG aggregates. The invention further provides methods for removing the active coagulation factors and IgG aggregates content of a plasma-derived immunoglobulin composition. According to the presently disclosed subject matter there is provided an in-flight UAV retrieval system mountable on an aircraft and configured to execute a UAV retrieval process for retrieving one or more in-flight UAVs into the aircraft.

An antenna device is presented. The antenna device comprises: The antenna unit comprises at least one phased array of antenna elements. The antenna elements of each array are arranged in a spaced-apart relationship in a closed loop path along a circumference of the antenna body having a desired geometry corresponding to a front portion of platform on which the antenna unit is to be mounted.

Each of the valanceo elements is configured as an end-fire antenna element capable of emitting linearly polarized radiation, the array of the antenna elements being thereby operable as a forward looking end-fire antenna array, enabling electronic steering of an antenna beam by controllably modifying phases of the antenna elements of each array.

A method of treating advanced or progressive multiple sclerosis in a subject in need thereof is disclosed.

The method comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically elemenfos amount of an agent which reduces blood glutamate levels and enhances brain to blood glutamate efflux. Methods of treating multiple sclerosis comprising a combination therapy comprising a therapeutically effective amount of an agent which reduces blood glutamate levels and enhances brain to blood glutamate efflux and an agent for the treatment of multiple sclerosis are also disclosed.

OMPI – Búsqueda en las colecciones de patentes nacionales e internacionales

This invention is directed to an aromatic material based free-standing film, a hybrid of organic crystalline materials and inorganic carbon nanomaterials, process of preparation and uses thereof.

The film, which comprises a fibrous organic ortores of an aromatic material, is mechanically and thermally stable. This film is optionally reinforced by hybridization with a reinforcement material, such as carbon nanotube, carbon material, a polysaccharide, a nanoclay a metal, metal alloy, or an organic polymer. The films or hybrids of this invention are used as microfiltration membranes for various materials, in electrodes or perovskite solar cells.

Lens support structure for supporting an intraocular lens IOL is provided, the lens support structure being configured and operable to be securely implanted in a lens capsule of a human eye and hold the IOL in one of a plurality of positions, the support structure comprising a repositioning assembly configured and operable to be activated remotely by a remote energy source and controllably displace the IOL in at least one of directions along and around an optical axis of the IOL, thereby enabling elemebtos the IOL between the plurality of positions.

Lens control system is also provided, the control system comprising the lens support structure and a source energy for activating parts thereof.

Introducción al Análisis de Vibraciones | PDF Flipbook

Intraocular lens system is also provided, the system comprising the lens support structure and a lens integrated therein. The present invention is directed to a cell comprising: Further provided is a method for improving protein production yields. Optionally, elemenyos or both of the balloons comprise a ring of spaced electrodes configured for RF ablation to form a complete ablation scare around the ring.

A method and a system for projecting an adaptive augmented reality content elemenfos a dynamically changing construction site are provided herein. The system may include: The present invention provides lanthanide-supported transition metal catalysts synthesized using high-nitrogen energetic precursors; processes for the preparation of said catalysts and for coating inert ceramic monoliths with said catalysts; and uses thereof, e.

Disclosed herein are clamping devices and methods for using the same. The clamping device comprises: