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SQUAL is typically maximized when the navigation surface is at the optimum distance from the imaging lens the nominal Zheight.

5Pcs X Adbs-A320 Qfn28 Avago

SQUAL is nearly equal to zero, if there is no surface below the sensor. The shutter is adjusted to keep the average and maximum pixel values within normal operating ranges. No load on MISO. a3200

The registers are used to read motion data and status as well as to set the device configuration. This feature should not be used for power management during normal mouse motion.

The port pins may be shared with other SPI slave devices. When the NCS pin is high, the inputs a3200 ignored and the output is tri-stated. These images are processed by the DSP to determine avqgo direction and distance of motion. The 1-Source Electronics group of companies provides a full suite of services to the electronics manufacturing industry.


Chip select input active low. Minimum Pixel value in current frame. Block diagram of ADNS optical mouse sensor. Mouse sensor resolution and power down settings can be accessed or to be edited by this register.

The pixel grabber captures 1 pixel per frame. The table below shows the state of x320 pins during power down.

In addition, NCS must be raised after each burstmode transaction is complete to terminate burst-mode. The solder fixture is needed to protect the sensor during the solder process. If the MOT bit is set, then the user should read registers 0x03 and 0x04 to get the accumulated motion. wvago

Write Operation Write operation, defined as data going from the microcontroller to the ADNS, is always initiated by the micro-controller and consists of two bytes. The maximum accumulator value is 28, but only bits [ The graph below shows sequentially acquired SQUAL values, while a sensor was moved slowly over white paper.

The minimum pixel value can vary with every frame.

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Distance avaggo lens reference plane to tracking surface Z. This register is the accumulated pixel value from the last image taken. Read from this register to activate burst mode. Data subject to change. The port is a four wire serial port. The maximum register value is It may be described as the full sum divided by 1.


The serial port is not available for use until it is reset with NCS, even for a second burst transmission. The sensor automatically changes to the appropriate mode, depending on the time since the last reported motion Downshift Time. This register contains a unique identification assigned to the ADNS Remove the protective kapton tape from optical aperture of the sensor.


Recommend to hold the PCB first vertically for the kapton removal process. Synchronous Serial Port The synchronous serial port is used to set and wvago parameters in the ADNS, and to read out the motion information.

Wave solder the entire assembly in a no-wash solder process utilizing solder fixture. A full reset will thus be executed. Brands Line Card Manufacturers. The second byte contains the data.