Morin wrote Astrologia Gallica over about 30 years, and it was published only after his death. Astrologia Gallica comprises 26 volumes, and almost one million . This book is an English translation of Morin’s treatise on Primary Directions, which constitutes Book 22 of his Astrologia Gallica, with appendices containing. This volume contains an English translation of Books 13, 14, 15 and 19 of the Astrologia Gallica, in which Morin explains the strengths of the planets, the division.

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For easy reference, all the volumes available in English of Astrologia Gallica are aggregated together on this page with an excerpt from my review of the book, if applicable, and a link to the full review of each volume. Morin also known as Morinus in Latin was a 17th century French astrologer, mathematician, and doctor. He was a Royal Professor of Mathematics in Paris, and perfected a system for calculating longitude, a challenging problem for mathematicians, geographers, and sailors of his time.

Morin was the royal astrologer to the French House of Bourbon. Morin wrote Astrologia Gallica over about 30 years, and it was published only after his death.

Jean-Baptiste Morin & Astrologia Gallica: Astrology Books

Astrologia Gallica comprises 26 volumes, and almost one million words, to give you an idea of its scope. We are exceedingly fortunate today to have James Herschel Holden and other 20th century English-speaking translators and astrologers, who undertook to translate the key books of Astrologia Gallica into English.


Special thanks are also due to the American Federation of Galllica, the publisher of these translations in a astrollogia, inexpensive format accessible to the astrological public.

Astrologia Gallica, Books 13, 14, 15, 19 [one volume]. Astrologia Gallica, Book The Rays and Aspects of the Planets. The reason for this is that Morin takes some unorthodox positions, most of which are not implemented today. Book 17 discusses the qualities of the 12 houses, and, as is typical for Morin, he lays out and refutes the objections of those who say that the division of the sky into 12 parts is arbitrary. Never one to shrink from ambitious projects, Morin discusses the reasoning behind the meaning of each house, and makes some of his own emendations according to his own logic.

Astrologia Gallica – Jean Baptiste Morin – Google Books

Then, he moves on to discussing the various house systems, and makes arguments for his own preference for Regiomontanus, after which he explains his own eponymous system. Book 17 concludes with some theoretical discussion qstrologia the calculations used in determining house cusps, which is primarily of theoretical and historical importance, though less so for practicing astrologers today.


The Strengths of the Planets. The present volume, Book 18, is extremely useful.

Astrologia Gallica Book 21

Morin discusses in great detail the strengths and weaknesses of the seven visible planets, and the ways these qualities manifest in practice. His example is Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

As a result, whenever Jupiter resides in any fire sign, his fiery domicile, Sagittarius, is strengthened. The same is true for Pisces when Jupiter passes through a water sign.

Baldwin, published by the American Federation of Astrologers. The Universal Constitutions of the Caelum.

Astrologia Gallica Book 21 by Jean-Baptiste Morin

The Universal Constitutions of the Caelum is a very coherent and practical treatise on the subject, and English-speaking astrologers everywhere should rejoice that it is finally available to them. Looking for something in particular?

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