The grain stability of calcined petroleum coke determines the resistance to breakdown of +4 mm particles used in the manufacture of carbon anodes for use . Designation: D/DM − Standard Practice for. Collection and Preparation of Coke Samples for Laboratory Analysis1 This standard is issued under the. ASTM D Standard Practice for Collection and Preparation of Coke Samples for Laboratory Analysis.

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Please sign into an account with a subscription to this content, or email for help at support madcad. Enter your account email address to request a password reset: Container made from wire cloth 3. You currently cannot view this content. Method for charcoal and charcoal briquettes.

An offtake pipe leads through a condenser which collects the tars and pyroligneous acids produced from the thermal decomposition of the wood.

The container is made of copper or stainless steel and constitutes in effect a small closed retort. Are you sure you want to empty the cart?

The laboratory staff must be familiar with the different standards used for quality control of charcoal and by-products. In addition the electronic files may not be downloaded or distributed astn over computer networks or otherwise.

ASTM D346/D346M – 11

No further reproductions authorized. ASTM D usually modified for charcoal. Dry the sample at a temperature of C not higher to reduce moisture content to zero. After rumbling the charcoal is sieve-analysed to measure the size reduction which has occurred. An oxygen calorimetric bomb is necessary for this test. Quality control of charcoal and by-products 8. Screen size, ash content and friability are also often specified by large buyers. Accurately weigh grammes of dried sample and put it on screen No.

Price variations may also apply where standard quality indicators are not met. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.


There were no books found for the applied search filters. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard Translated Version s: ASTM grants you a license as follows: For analysis, a set of standard screens with different mesh sizes are used.

Enter your personal account email address to request a password reset: The test would be done by contract with a commercial testing authority, perhaps a university. The buying specification of large industrial users and others will refer to various parameters measured in the process of quality control.

Small retorts d34 this type are conveniently heated by electricity which allows close control of temperature. Combustion takes place under an excess of oxygen and the pressure is kept at 20 atm. This indicates that all volatile matter has been driven off.

The extensive data on the carbonisation of the various species of eucalypts quoted by 20 were obtained in this way and show how comparative studies of this type can serve as a guide in choice of raw material. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. When the ml calibration mark has been reached stop and weigh the charcoal fines. However, they have great value for comparison between various raw materials since the behaviour of known materials can be compared with new type raw materials or the effect of changing carbonisation temperature can be studied in a comparative way.

Fixed carbon content is an important parameter in steel making charcoal since this is the agent which reduces the iron ore to metallic iron and limits which must be met are often specified. The charcoal maker engaging in export business may rely on his partners abroad, who are normally well equipped, and have capable staff to deal with problems which arise and provide customers with advice.


Accurately weight one gramme of the powdered sample in a platinum preferable or porcelain crucible with a lid with the following dimensions: Crushing is done manually in a porcelain mortar with a pestle. Remember me for one month.

Because of the variability of coke and the wide variety of sampling equipment, caution must be exercised in all stages of e346, from system specifications and equipment procurement to equipment acceptance testing and actually taking the final sample.

Release pressure and discharge the combustion residues by several rinsings with water into a beaker the contents of the calorimeter must be completely transferred.

By heating charcoal with exclusion of air oxygen volatile xstm and gases are expelled. Large consumers, such as the steel or electrical industries, have their own quality control laboratories staffed by trainee operatives. Content only available asgm subscription. The value for the fixed carbon is calculated as follows: The analysis samples can be used to determine the value of the coke represented, its ability to meet specifications, as well as for other purposes.

Moisture and Immersion Pan

This practice may be used to provide a representative sample of the coke from which it is collected. The difference between initial weight and weight of sample after combustion will be expressed as a percentage of asym initial weight and represents the ash content. They all operate according to the general scheme of comparison of the sample with a liquid of known viscosity. The lid should have a hole in the centre of a diameter of 1. It is the responsibility of the user atsm this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

The weight obtained multiplied by 10 gives the bulk density per litre.