Taguchi recomienda el uso de arreglos ortogonales para hacer matrices que contengan los controles y los factores de ruido en el diseño de experimentos. Taguchi method with Orthogonal Arrays reducing the sample size from. , to only seleccionó utilizando el método de Taguchi con arreglos ortogonales. Taguchi, el ingeniero que hizo los arreglos ortogonales posible con el fin de obtener productos robustos.

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No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. The objective of the instrument is not to evaluate knowledge abilities in the subject but rather to evaluate if the subject wants to participate in a social exchange [19]. This abstract may be abridged.

It is considered a spectrum because the core impairments in communication and social interaction vary greatly. ANN can be classified depending on their learning process as presented in Figure 2.

Evaluación de la Robustez del sistema Mahalanobis-Taguchi a diferentes Arreglos Factoriales.

An Introduction to Neural Network [online]. The number of cases for the network training data was determined by using the Taguchi method with Orthogonal Arrays reducing the sample size fromto only The algorithm for this tool evaluates 12 items with 3 possible states.

Juan Navarro” in Mexico City [8], which was based on the multidisciplinary Consensus Panel described by Filipek et al. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. Inside each layer there are several neurons which are processing units that send information through weighted signals to each other and an activation function determines the output as shown in Figure 1.


Alto, Medio y Bajo. The next step was to reduce the number of cases to train the ANN, it has been mentioned that the L 27 orthogonal array should be selected for the number of parameters and states. These results yield to a sensitivity of 1 and specificity of 1. Applying the chain rule Where Defining an update rule Where Applying the chain rule for the change in the error as function of the output and the change in the output as a function of the changes in the input, Using the chain rule, when k is a hidden unit it is called h These yields to Increasing the number of hidden neurons can prevent from falling in a local minimum and diminish the error, but it might consist of a long training process [23].

Back-propagation training method consists on minimizing the error with respect to the weights through gradient descent. Learning can be supervised, where both inputs and desired outputs are well known and the ANN must infer the input-output relationship.

Kanner, “Autistic disturbances of affective contact”, Nervous child, vol 2. When high impact factors are weighted in 2 and medium factors in 1, the diagnosis get ortogonalss value of 0. The medium impact items are Stereotyped use of Words or Phrases, Unusual eye contact, Use of other’s body to communicate, Pointing, Facial expression directed to others and Response to joint attention.

Genichi Taguchi by Alfonso Armendariz on Prezi

In order to validate the network, 11 different cases were used. D Robins, et al. Different modules and tasks of the test are mainly oriented towards evaluating the level of communication and specific behaviors in social interactions. Increasing the number of hidden neurons can prevent from falling in a local minimum and diminish the error, but it might consist of a long training process [23]. The evaluations, made by trained and experienced health care professionals, are very important in order to assess strengths and weaknesses in the child and associated developmental impairments.


Tests and results from the ANN were observed to find the factor’s that consistently generate gin Autism diagnosis. It was found that the items “Showing”, “Shared enjoyment in Interaction” and “Frequency of vocalization directed to others”, are the areas of highest impact for Autism diagnosis.

ADOS-G possible scores are 0, 1,2,3,7 and 8. This conventionally requires lengthy information processing and technical understanding of each of the areas evaluated in the tools.

As every tool, ANN should be analyzed before using it with each specific situation. Weights have to be trained and many neurons can perform their tasks at the same time parallel processing [20]. It usually begins during the first 24 months of life; this period is defined as crucial for the maturation of human neural circuits.

Artificial Neural Networks ANN are computational models based on a simplified version of biological neural networks with which they share some characteristics like adaptability to learn, generalization, data organization and parallel processing.

The summed squared error is the E given by where E p is the error on pattern p. Mexico, Mexico, Alfaomega,ch. Since both inputs and desired outputs are available, a supervised artificial neural network was created using Matlab software [32].

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.