Create da form in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. The DA Form , known as a Sworn Statement, serves as a way to legally document a statement related to criminal activities or acts It is used by the Department of the Army. Form Fillable is not the form you’re looking for? The DA is a US Army form used to document a sworn statement or testimony for various purposes . Fillable sworn statement example army. Collection of most popular forms in a given sphere. Fill, sign and send anytime, anywhere, from any device with.

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A written statement will be attached to the report of proceedings as an enclosure. DA Form Arm. Any attempt to falsify a statement on this form or intentionally misleading an investigation would be considered a very serious crime as this form is considered a legally binding statement.

Typically, most sworj in the military require proof of circumstance. Once the statement has been recorded and all signatures and initials placed in the proper boxes, the person making the statement must provide the affidavit on the final page of the DA Form The DA Form may also act as supporting documentation when filling out applications and forms.

If you got ’em, they can be shared using the form below. These additional pages must filable identified and initialed by the party giving the statement.

Sworn statements may be taken in documenting informal events or recording evidence for a formal investigation. The information taken on this form can be provided to non-military law enforcement agencies.

Some other forms of information such as a social security number may be requested but not required.

Army Publishing Directorate

The army personnel filing this form must first put the general information surrounding the investigation. Appendix B provides guidance for preparing Privacy Act statements.

The DA Form is used for a variety of purposes from documenting informal counseling to recording evidence for fillablr investigation. By putting their name in box 9, the party is swearing under oath that the statement is accurate and truthful. Unless otherwise informed by the appointing authority, an fiklable officer or board may presume that the report of proceedings will be retrievable by the name of each person designated as a respondent, but that the report will not be retrievable by the name of any other witness.


DA FormSworn Statement The DA Form is used for a variety rillable purposes from documenting informal counseling to recording evidence for an investigation. Likewise, the party taking the statement must sign off on the DA Form Examples may be contributed using the form below. Should the statement not fit on the pages provided, the second page is available.

The section providing instruction for filling out the form is quoted below. We need more examples.

If the provided pages do not support enough space, copies of the second page can be used as additional pages. An oral statement will be noted in the report either as part of a verbatim transcript or as an enclosure, in the form of a certificate by the officer who provided the Privacy Act statement.

Boxes 5 through 8 are used to identify the party that is giving the sworn statement. This form may be used to document everything from criminal activities to grievances against superiors or subordinates. If any question arises as to the need for a Privacy Act statement, the investigating armj or board will consult the legal advisor, if any, or the servicing JA.

Wrmy written statements provided by an attorney, physician, family member etc. This is especially important when one is a witness to an army crime statementt filing a grievance since irrelevant information can often confuse or mislead anyone who needs to make an informed decision regarding the subject matter.

A tape recorder may be used to facilitate later preparation of written statements, but the witness will be informed if one is used. The DA Form is a fillabe used in the army whenever a sworn testimony is needed.

DA Form 2823, Sworn Statement

The witnesses remain subject to questioning on the substance of such statements. These are mainly used for identification of the interviewer or interviewee. Due to the importance of this document, armyy is usually an interviewer present when this form is used and a statement is taken to serve as a witness and as a guide to keep the statements relevant ffillable to the purpose.

It is illegal to filable a false statement under most circumstances and particularly so via the DA Form thus, one must take care to remember the facts as well as they can and avoid anything which may be viewed as falsifying such a document or hindering an investigation.

Witnesses may not be precluded from discussing any relevant matter with the recorder, a respondent, or counsel for a respondent.


Witnesses must be present during swofn statement and must sign off on the affidavit. Failure to provide truthful information can lead to disciplinary action taken.

Sworn statements need to be concise, to the point, and as accurate as possible. The witness may be asked to read, correct, and sign the final statement. This may take a second or two. Any other eworn who is provided a Privacy Act statement will, on request, be furnished a copy of the statement in a form suitable for retention.

Either a chronological narrative or the more formal question and answer format may be used. The party giving the statement must provide on the document their name, social security number, their rank, and contact information.

Typically it only has a few boxes which need to be filled out.

Form DA Sworn Statement – Military Forms – |

However, narrative testimony may be used. However, care must be taken to ensure that the statement is phrased in the words of the witness. It is highly important that the statement is neatly written so as to be understood by any other parties that may use the statement.

When giving a statement it is very important to stick to only to the facts. Thanks for your contributions! Box 9 should be filled out using the words of the declaring party. This precaution is appropriate to eliminate possible influence on the testimony of witnesses still to be heard. Close Window Loading, Please Wait! The interviewer must scrupulously avoid coaching the witness or suggesting the existence or nonexistence of material facts.

If the witness is unavailable or refuses to sign, the person who took the statement will note, over his or her own signature, the reasons the witness has not signed and will certify that the statement is an accurate summary of what the witness said. Once this basic identifying information has been provided, the party giving the statement must write their name in box 9. Anyone to whom this requirement applies is entitled to a copy of the Privacy Act statement in a form suitable for retention.