Notable works, Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince (). Anuja Chandramouli (born ) is an Indian author of fantasy and historical fiction. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Anuja Chandramouli is a full-time mother of two lovely girls, as well as a part-time writer. Her academic credentials include a . arjuna saga of a pandava warrior prince anuja chandramouli. Sat, 22 Dec GMT arjuna saga of a pandava pdf – Ancient. Hindu wars are the.

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It is a re-telling where Arjuna lies at the crux of it. On the whole, the cover design in woody is texture. Aug 20, Sai Kishore rated it it was amazing. A very different take on the Mahabharata as it is told from Arjuna’s point of view. Three of her novels, Arjuna: Considered the most important book of wisdom by the followers of Sanatana Dharma, Bhagavad Gitathe sloka scripture is a conversation between Pandava prince Arjuna and Lord Sri Krishna. Account Options Sign in.

Book Review: ‘Arjuna’ by Anuja Chandramouli

The relation which Arjun share with Drupadi is disregarded. The book is no artistic novel, yet a good and simple representation of much sought after facts of Arjuna, his friends, family and enemies. Sohe imparts knowledge. He requests Veda Vyasa to narrate the Mahabharata; Vyasa consents and asks his disciple Vaishampayana to begin.

It could had been a brighter book, had the author tried more to prod into the psyche of Arjuna and retold everything through his emotions rather than retelling what is well known. The thing that distinguishes this one from the other books is that, this one discusses deeply about the other wives of Arjuna: Similar problems figure at different places within the book and many times you would wonder where is Arjuna in all this?

I look forward to Anuja Chandramouli’s future works. Dec 08, Vismay rated it liked it. It is simply a rehash of Mahabharata story in general and nothing any particular about the great Arjuna. Dabbling with Indian Mythology is in and you will not hear me complain about it. Its complete waste of time.


Book Review: ‘Arjuna’ by Anuja Chandramouli

The theme and story that the book contains is known to us. While there is a seamless flow to the narrative, she chandranouli back and forth, forging connections between events, analysing their intent and clearly explaining what a particular event leads to.

It is fascinating to see how some simple incidents which had us in awe sometime back right now after reading this book make us relook at it in disbelief. Krishna, as always, continues to be the thread that binds the entire story together.

After completing the book, I was feeling like why the hell I read this book. Book doesn’t conjure anything new in in our minds. I liked how the author didn’t make him completely idealistic and fault-less honestly, I expected it that way for some reason On many occasions, his faults were highlighted with the metaphoric neon signs, which irritated me, as a reader.

Arjuma of the Dice: My maternal grand-mother passed away half a decade ago and my paternal grand-mother doesn’t know Mahabharatha herself. This is arjna intense and human story of his loves, friendship, ambitions, weaknesses and follies, as well as his untimely death and chandranouli, his stint as a eunuch, and the Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of India’s greatest heroes. Instead of presenting a view that has been morphed by the author into an imaginary tale taking cues from the mythology, Anuja presents the mythology in its right context.

Now, telling a story with Arjuna in focus notice I do not say Arjuna’s perspective definitely means you will have a cause to regard the story of Pandavas closely as well. Her newest books are on Kartikeya, Padmavati and Prithviraj Chauhan. He is fiercely competitive and a tad too proud.

They’re chanramouli fact very similar, but opposite sides of the same coin. This happily married, mother of chwndramouli little girls, lives in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. The latter half of the book talks so much about Krishna that it sometimes appear that the book is about Krishna.

Mar 20, Shalini rated it liked it. It spans the epic journey from before his birth, when omens foretold his greatness, across the fabled, wondrous landscape that was his life. Wallis and Futuna Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of India’s greatest heroes.


ARJUNA: Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince – Anuja Chandramouli – Google Books

Told in a refreshingly modern and humourous style and set against the staggering backdrop of the Mahabharata. The Constant Goddess Rupa Publications”. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

An author always gives their best shot to present the story in best of the manner and Anuja mam has done it perfectly. Those will find this book beneficial who have not read any modern-day fiction on Mahabharat or Ramayana. Every Indian while growing up had watched Mahabharata by B.

The problem with a re-interpreting an epic like Mahabharata is that you have to be original while staying true to a tale that is familiar to pretty much everyone India in various different flavours. The New Indian Express.

And finally, the book proved its worth. I wished if this story had been written in a narrative style with 2 or 3 main characters in line – Arjuna, Krishna and Duryodhana. Kudos to the author for having written such an excellent tale as a debutante! The auspicious omen that surrounded his birth and the foretold future that destined for a greatness and heroism, all of these is told beautifully in this book.

And you can choose not to accept. In the end, you would realise that Arjuna was Arjuna, because of Krishna, and that no one has control over fate, over what will be happen.

Even with five different personalities, the five brothers presented a single entity as Pandavas. Anuja has very nicely portrayed the might of the powerful warrior prince Arjun. So in a world where everybody is scampering to cash in on the hype and success created by the rich landscape of India mythofantasy, Arjuna is more of the same wine in a slightly new bottle.