File extension ARCACHEITEM is currently not yet described in our file extension catalog. Please check back later. We are addition new information on a daily. eItem is not set up in your IIS extension mappings. Solution: From the Start menu, choose All Programs, Administrative Tools, Internet Information. ArCacheItem to display the PDF file. ActiveReports cannot change the filename in the PDF since it’s purpose is to generate the PDF. The only.

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The Adobe Acrobat reader has a default setting in the Print dialog which tells it to scale down large pages. The reader views ActiveReports margins as part of the document, and renders them inside the new margins it creates.


This is normally not noticeable unless barcodes are used or the PDF printout is held up next to a printout of the original report.


Arcacheiteem the WebViewer, reports render correctly with the HTML viewer type but they show up blank with the AcrobatReader viewer type on the production web server.

There is a mix of old and new dlls in the references. Remove all ActiveReports for.

Add the ActiveReports for. For Acrobat 6, change the following options in the Print dialog under Page Handling: Set Page scaling to None the default is Shrink large pages. Uncheck Auto-Rotate and Arcachsitem.

For Acrobat 5, uncheck the following options in the Print dialog: Shrink oversized pages to paper size Expand small pages to paper size Auto-rotate and center pages Symptoms: Right-click your Default Web Site and choose Properties.

On the Home Directory tab, click the Configuration.

On the Mapping tab, check the Extension column to see whether. ArCacheItem does not appear click the Add button.

Change Files of type: In the Extension textbox type “. Click the Limit to: NET 3 Online Help.