Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart 2™ clothes washer. The revolutionary, super water efficient wash action of your AquaSmart 2™ washer. Thank you for buying a Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart™ clothes washer. We are For your safety the information in this manual must be followed to minimize. Installation instructions and user guide AquaSmart™ clothes washer WL80T65D & WL70T60D NZ AU Contents Installation instructions Before you do your first.

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This will ensure the hot water temperature remains within safe limits.

Check that the hot water supply has been turned on. Draining must comply with local by-laws. You will hear two quick beeps and the machine will show an unusual pattern of lights. Adjust the feet so the machine is level and cannot rock. In Australia if you need assistance Pages 21—24 explain the different options in more detail.

Was the washer or dryer overloaded? We suggest a minimum clearance of 20 mm each side.

Ensure that there is sufficient room in the bowl for the wash load to move during the wash. The product specifications in this booklet apply to the specific products In New Zealand if you need assistance Customer care 43 First, check for the things you can do yourself.

Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart WL80T65D Manuals

It will remain in an area separated from your clothes until the machine begins to fill. This indicates that all settings have been returned to the factory default settings. Pull hose through guide 20 mm maximum Drain hose 1 Carefully pull the drain hose out from the back of the machine by pulling the exposed part of the hose downwards and outwards.


If you have an uncontrolled water-heating source eg. This means that by selecting a button to the left or the right of the button that is currently lit you can increase or decrease the temperature. Turn your machine off at the wall.

fisher–paykel aquasmart wl80t65c User Manual – Page 1 of 48 |

Use this option if you wish to conserve water. Wash lint givers, eg. Use one cap full for a large load and reduce or increase the dosage as required. Installation In your clothes washer you will find: Getting started quickly It is important to sort your clothes, particularly by colour, as well as separating out sheets and washing them on the SHEETS cycle refer to page 9 for more details on sorting and loading.

B Beach Gear These items can be very grassy and sandy. This wash uses similar quantities of water to most Front Loaders. Whites Whites can require some extra care to stay at their whitest.

Be careful to avoid metal surfaces of your machine. To access this secondary option please refer to page Use the instructions on the back of the detergent packet as aquxsmart guide to the correct amount to use. When washing a single bulky item add a large beach towel to the wash, to ensure the load is balanced for an effective spin. You will be unable to customise a wash cycle to start at the rinse or spin stage. Normal Spin Do not bleach Soil Sort clothes according to the type and amount of soil.


Incorrect Rubber insert Fig. You must redistribute the load more evenly yourself. Wait 60 seconds, plug back in, turn on and try again. To increase the temperature setting, move to the right and to decrease the temperature setting, move to mamual left. Try dissolving powdered detergent in warm water before adding to aquamart dispenser.

fisher–paykel aquasmart wl80t65d User Manual

The machine will beep and the Lid Lock symbol will flash to alert you. Refer to Installation instructions, pages 2 — 4. Is the power switched on at the wall? Reducing the spin speed of the wash may also help refer to page This will provide you with a two hour soak. It automatically separates the lint from the wash water as it washes.

The HOT water temperature light is flashing. Ensure you wear gloves, tip a small amount of household bleach onto a soft cloth and apply to the stain. For example the Regular cycle button will be the coldest available setting for that temperature and the Easy Iron button will manuao the warmest. Contents Installation instructions 2 Before you do your first wash 5 Checklist, Water consumption, Capacity 5 Getting started quickly Check that the inlet hose filter is not blocked.

If you wish to change any of the wash options while your