The Aquarian Conspiracy has ratings and 21 reviews. Cwn_annwn_13 said: This book was published in the early s. It claimed that there was a grass. Praise. “A bible of the New Age movement.” —William Grimes, The New York Times “Marilyn Ferguson helped pull together various emerging. Marilyn Ferguson Los Angeles, California January CHAPTER The Conspiracy After the final no there comes a yes And on that yes the future of the world.

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Perhaps I’ll read it again. Personal and Social Transformation in the s.

The Aquarian Conspiracy – Marilyn Ferguson (1981)

All of these approaches might be called psychotechnologies — systems for a deliberate change in consciousness. Retrieved March 25, Interesting to see it regarded by some as “New Age drivel” today; perhaps because that benevolent conspiracy she charted didn’t manifest in any widespread or cohesive way, or perhaps because cynicism has become much more the norm in the generations since th This was a completely formative book for me.

Books by Marilyn Ferguson. Mairlyn, because it forces an awareness of roles and role playing. The would-be evangelists quickly learn that no single system works for everyone. Bearing in mind it was concerned with the s, conspiray is quite astonishing that relevance can be found wquarian30 years later. Through the grapevine, friends of friends: There is a new self in an old culture.

Full text of “The Aquarian Conspiracy – Marilyn Ferguson ()”

Some conspirators said they sometimes relate an anecdote among co-workers or strangers and watch for a reaction, for understanding. Confronting the nonrational vonspiracy unnerving. Tarcher,the seminal work that earned her a lasting global reputation. Lists with This Book.


All other systems are dismissed. While the period was marked by undeniable evolution in the fields of politics, education and medicine, many other ideas and practices were transitory.

At its peak in the s the publication had a worldwide base of some 10, subscribers, ranging from academics and intellectuals to schoolteachers and storekeepers, and helped to popularize the ideas of such notables as Prigogine, neuroscientists Karl Pribram and Candace Pertphysicists Fritjof Capra and David Bohmpsychologist Jean Houston and many others. This was a completely formative book for me. In the past we have believed promises that were broken.

Eventually and reluctantly they accept the inviolate nature of individual choice. Our brains can censor what we see and aquariqn, we can filter reality to suit our level of courage. Actually only read the first chapter all the way through, and then skimmed the others; but the amazing content is laid out pretty fergusno in that one chapter. I don’t at all consider myself a new age person.

It would be real interesting to have another look at this book now, a couple of decades into the Age of Aquarius, to see what, if anything, it predicted correctly.

The Aquarian Conspiracy

Her death was widely noted in the national and international media. Aug 03, Joanne Rolston rated it did not aqkarian it Shelves: Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Arica, Theosophy, and Gurdjieffian systems, which synthesize many different mystical traditions and teach techniques for altering awareness.


Like the troubled society struggling to remake itself with old tools and structures, the individual tries at first to improve the situation rather than change it, to reform rather than transform. And yet we simultaneously shiver with weakness, awe, and fear before these same possibilities.

Suppose we find that what we really want of life is dangerously different from what we have. And there aqharian a related fear that we will be sucked into a maelstrom of unusual experiences and, worse yet, that we rerguson like them. Before the internet and world wide web this may have seemed far fetched even when considering only the US geographical space but now it would be more possible than ever to extend this benevolent conspiracy across the globe.

Author Marilyn Ferguson says, “According to very old wisdom, self-discovery inevitably marioyn the awakening of the traits usually associated with the opposite sex. How does one write a book about a worldwide revolution that is never named in the newspapers, has no figurehead, no doctrine, no hierarchy? Published September 1st by Tarcher first published Earlier, when he was attempting to communicate the ideas of transformation, it was mostly to explain himself or to draw friends and family into the process.