Steiner ‘cult’ is an ethos that fosters humanity – Comment – TESDec 11, I can’t help wondering if it was the weirdness of anthroposophy. One of the organsiations was Weleda, an anthroposophical health care company founded by Rudolf Steiner. Yesterday, on my blog post on the. Cult-like characteristics of Anthroposophy include: * It clings to rejected knowledge. (The heart is not a pump, etc.) * It requires teachers to.

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Waldorf people view Anthropksophy Steiner almost as a god. Now, there is a very special feeling that comes over anthro;osophy if one realizes that one is projecting onto another person. It is a wonderful curriculum which embraces the intellectual history of humanity, and it is very much based on the use of the arts, gardening, crafts, building, handwork, etc, as well as intellectual work: There are some people you expect to lie, such as criminals, politicians, and teenagers.


For more on the study and its background, see http: Tom Jackson, you are the Holocaust Education Trust outreach co-ordinator. Boy this line of comments made laugh…you are telling us what anthropospohy is as Andy and Peter pointed out and then trying argue that it is not…mmm interesting completely flawed approach. In all my previous attempts to figure out the what and why of WE I was told I wouldn’t understand because I didn’t have the proper “training”.

Architects look upon the Anthroposopgy as an eyesore. The curriculum enriched with arts and music reminded me of the Jesuit style of classical education. Nor were the exercises that Rudolf Steiner detailed his own, they are part of a greater tradition, of which Rudolf Steiner was a part.

Steiner was about dishonesty, not truth. Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. I have come across many readers of Steiner who do not consider his views on spiritual development of the races as racist.

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Our Experience – Waldorf Watch

The heart is a muscle that responds to anthoposophy movement of the blood and coordinates it. There is one daily exercise, and several exercises that refer to the months of the year.

It is with this in mind that I challenge people, and those who are truly dedicated to self-development will understand the forthrightness of my speaking. Completely contained enclaves, they are worthy of study as models of life in an Anthroposophical world. The statement came in physiology class and when questioned, was supported by the school on two separate occasions. This is a topic that needs further clarification, and that is best commented by teachers, not by me.

Is Steiner’s “Anthroposophy” a Satanic Cult?

But you act as though all anthroposophical institutions should regard you as some kind of authorized inspector. He understood the power of ethnocentrism, an evolutionary strategy that is lost on currently popular philosophies. And now come here to me and do this!

When did you find out? But was stuck in class all day every day no matter how uncomfortable she was.

I have observed closely at length in both Waldorf and Quaker schools and the differences could not be more stark. Up to each of us to find our own truth. Now where, for instance, does Mercury make his influence felt?

According as the eye or the ear or one of the other senses predominates, so will the different peoples respond in this or that way to the particularnational tendency within the racial character.

Part of a series on. The parents become so frustrated they make contact with the authorities. Prospective new Waldorf parents usually know very little about Rudolf Steiner, his religion Anthroposophy or his “new social order. They also use up resources which would otherwise be available to non sectaian or non religious groups and therefore better used. Are you familiar with, and possibly use the Divine Syllogism?


Although the feeling of happiness is all around, the teachers are strict and sometimes rude to the children. It does not go through the whole body but stops short on the surface of the skin, and therefore the skin itself becomes black.

Dear Caryn, Gemma and Steve, I think you are now far off the original topic of this post and have gone into territory that is probably best discussed via private emails. Which brings me to your other point: They do not cost more than other books. The mural on the ceiling of the Goetheanum — the worldwide Anthroposophical headquarters — includes painterly effects of this sort.

Anthroposophy synthesizes a wide range of spiritual traditions, claiming to reveal comprehensive truths anthroplsophy are only present in fragments in other religions. Even by my friends. When I am ready and I have gathered my facts very non-steiner!

The steps of clut process of inner development he identified as consciously achieved imaginationinspiration and intuition. The schools have been founded in a variety of communities: Now I say all this in a very vague way because it was like an hour long show with intense research.

In Northern Ireland, they are now part of the public education system. Only from their lawyer threatening me. Nick Nakorn writes about institutional racism: But then I discovered anthoposophy they advocate “biodynamic farming”.