Range Description: Within the European region this species is widespread, but with scattered, fragmented and sometimes very small populations, across the. Anagyris foetida – botanical illustrations (3 F) Flor de fesol moro (Anagyris foetida) Canèssia Vall de 1, × 1,; KB. Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Papilionaceae. Genus: Anagyris.

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In addition, the Extremadura populations differed between years, so that the number of goetida per fruit was significantly lower in Finally, in the control individuals, the flowers of the selected and tagged branches were not subjected to any manipulation flowers foetidq — and in — Most angiosperms of the Mediterranean region are pollinated by insects; spring is the most important time for anagyrie, and the time with most insect pollinators.

They are more or less oblong structures with rounded endscurved backwards and somehow crooked. As the foregoing results voetida to two neighbouring populations from Extremadura, and therefore with similar meteorological conditions during fruiting, we also looked at whether certain attributes, such as the number of seeds per fruit and seed weight, could be extrapolated to the other 12 Iberian populations of the species.

Ovary situated above the flower parts the calyx, corolla, and androecium. In each raceme, only three flowers are usually found open at the same time, and the moment of opening between them is deferred for 1 or 2 days according to the environmental conditions.

Anagyris foetida | National Center for Homeopathy

Both types of sample were studied by fluorescence microscopy, counting the number of ovules penetrated. It is therefore very probable that, because of the mixed breeding system of the species, consanguinity increases the proportion of homozygotic relative to heterozygotic genotypes.


In the following season, the beginning foegida flowering was delayed a month with respect anagyrks —, lasting 15 weeks in population 1 and 14 weeks in population 2, and showing a similar pattern to that season Fig. They are broad, kidney-shaped bodies, which usually have a purple-black colour. Note the longitudinal veins of the wings and keel. Breeding system of Tristerix corymbosus Loranthaceaea winter-flowering mistletoe from the southern Andes.

The wings and keel are of same oblong shape, about 16mm long, undecorated with longitudinal veins. The fruits were collected when mature and conserved in opaque envelopes.

Comparison of populations 1 and 2 Ba1 and Ba2 with others of the Iberian Peninsula Elv, Ma, Ca1, and Ca3 during the summers of — showed that the number of seeds per fruit from natural pollination did not differ between populations, except forwhere populations Ba1 and Ba2 presented smaller numbers than both Cadiz populations Table 3.

Variability in fruit and seeds.

anagyrris Mean values of the percentage by weight of the pericarp vs. It forms, however, a crystalline hydrobromide. Systematics at different levels. Both populations presented very high values of synchrony Table 1i. Pollination mechanisms and pollen—ovule ratios in some Genisteae Fabaceae from Southwestern Europe. Lateral veins which diverge from the midrib towards the leaf marhins. The number of seeds studied is given in parentheses.

Anagyris foetida

For each treatment, three branches per individual from each of ten individuals per population were selected and tagged, marking the pedicel of the flowers with plastic paint in each treatment which involved hand manipulation A, HSP, and HCP. The remaining flowers c. GPS co-ordinates are also welcomed! They are very hard with a smooth surface. Cauliflory appears in species of several dozens of families of angiosperms Weberling, and, although it is present in arid and temperate regions of the world, it is predominantly found in tropical rainforests.


Smooth margin without indentations, lobes or any projections. Specifically, the main objectives of this study were as follows: An agent that causes vomiting, so as the stomach is emptied from its contents.

Therefore, given the similarity in fruiting for both manipulation treatments, the species behaves clearly in a compatible manner, and neither self- nor cross-pollination notably elevates the level of fruiting of the species with foetiea to the control. Submit further info on this species. Fruit is a legume which can have between 3 seeds. During the autumn—winter of —, the variability of pollen germination was determined amongst individuals of A.

With all 14 Iberian populations taken into account, the mean weight of the seeds differed significantly both between populations and between years within a given population Table 4.

Their product gave an estimate of the mean number of inflorescences per individual. No Main Synonyms Full list of synonyms: The receptivity curve coincided in time with the viability of the pollen, indicating a clear overlap in the functionality of the sex organs pollen and stigma.

Pollination biology of the sea pea, Lathyrus japonicus: A purging medicine; stimulates evacuation of the bowels. Some have a brownish, diffused blotch, while others have a set of well-defined black blobs.

In our species, this function is performed by the stigma, because its surface must be scratched by visiting pollinators fowtida the pollen to germinate. Of these branches, three were selected per individual, and the number of inflorescences per branch was counted. During these seasons, frequent dense fog banks form that can remain all day. Seed texture Seeds are very hard with a smooth surface as if made of glass.