Complete ALTAIR Wireless Intercom System, comprised by WBSHD Base Station, 4 beltpacks, 5 headsets and charger. Digital wireless intercom base station that allows the connection of up to 4 single- channel wireless beltpacks. WBSHD has a dual “pre-amble” diversity. View and Download ALTAIR WBS owner’s manual online. WBS Intercom System pdf manual download. Also for: Wb series.

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Blue Room technical forum: ALTAIR WBS-200 sync problems – Blue Room technical forum

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The wired in com packs are working fine however we can’t get the wireless belt-packs to sync. The manual says to hole the sync button on the base station for 6 seconds and to turn on the the belt-pack holding both up and down volume buttons.


Altair WBS – Wireless intercom master station for 4 x WBP/ – VISUALS e-shop

However it seems as the base station is just not responding at all. Its not a altairr issue as it has one fuse and one power input, and the wired comms work fine.

We’ve run out of ideas, anyone else ever ran in to this issue, or have any ideas? Thanks in advance Chris.

Then turn on pack holding the up and down volume buttons. Start by deregistering all packs from the base station – it altaid register any more packs if it has the full allocation already registered to it. I’m starting to think its an internal problem.

Hold register button until light starts flashing. If some packs not necessarily your packs have been registered to it at altari point in its life it will still be paired to these and won’t then accept new packs. This post has been edited by J Pearce: Have you tried deregistering all packs on the base station though? At this moment, turn off the base station and all the beltpacks will be deregistered.


Altair WBS-200

However I think it is time to accept its a internal problem, we take a screwdriver to it soon. We have little hope for it but keep the poor WBS in our thoughts. What happens when you have all of the belt packs turned off and you do a deregister?

Delete From Wb-s200 The post will be removed from this topic completely.

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