ALAN KAY & the Dynabook. Alan Kay is an American Computer Scientist. He is known for his pioneer work on “object-oriented programming” and in “graphical. Born in , computer scientist Alan Curtis Kay is one of a handful of Every modern portable computer reflects elements of the Dynabook. by Alan Kay. VPRI Paper In practice for the Dynabook, this required inventing better in , the year of the Dynabook idea, by Licklider and Bob Taylor (a.

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And so on and so forth. Google aims to fix laggy interface on Chrome OS tablets. People objected, and laughed when Doug told them that users of the future would dnyabook many hours a day at their screens and they should have extremely efficient UIs they could learn to be skilled in.

For example, a Dynabook must allow texts to be edited and stored; it must allow its owners to express themselves through drawings, animations or musical compositions; it must offer users the possibility of reading innumerable books and letters; it must even be able to reproduce several hours of music or audio files and serve as a means of communication.

Is of a size of a notebook? I contributed ideas alab a variety of sources, including myself, Negroponte, AI, etc. Apple Marketing did not want a keyboard because they feared it would then compete with the Mac.

What do you think about the trend that these devices are becoming purely communication and social tools?

An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay |

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Aneddotica Magazine — Collaborative Blog since Pointing and dragging are likely to stick, because they are simple extensions of hands and fingers. He is a computer historian, writer, podcaster and speaker.


This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat A Discussion with Alan Kay”. By continuing, you accept the privacy policy. Both the former and the latter came about thanks to the ideas — or, to put it more precisely, the vision — of one of the most important men in graphical user interface design in computing, Alan Kay. It means no group can come up with a good decision and make it stick just because it is a good idea.

Do you agree that we now essentially have the Dynabook, as expressed in the three tiers of modern personal computing; the notebook, tablet and smartphone?

An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay

One can imagine one of the first programs an owner will write is a filter to eliminate advertising! A highly respected computer scientist, Kay worked for many years at Xerox’s famed Palo Alto Research Dynaboom and also did a stint as an Apple fellow in the company’s Advanced Technology Group during the ’80s and ’90s.

Kay also envisioned, back in mind you, that alam Dynabook would be able to connect to high bandwidth networks, download remote content and even offer a virtual keyboard if need be. Provides immediate response — no discernible pause between cause and effect.

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What might replace it? Have they lived up to what was foreseen in the past? This in spite of pioneers such as Seymour Papert explaining both in general and quite a bit specifically just what it is and how it can revolutionize education. His thoughts about an intimate personal computer were mostly of a service nature—that is, how could and should it act as an amplifier for human, especially child, endeavors? AI is a difficult problem, but solvable in important ways.


Can you comment about the similarities and differences in the culture of the two companies?

Let’s remind, alah concept was created as early as the end of s and beginning of s, when under “personal computer”, people recognize something like DEC PDP-8 machine see the photo bellowwardrobe-size box, which cost USD, and didn’t have any of the abovementioned features. The education establishment in the U. Since the late s, Kay has been working on the Squeak programming system, an open source Smalltalk-based environment which could kau seen as a logical continuation of the Dynabook concept.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Or even to ask whether the classroom process without any special media at all is educative.

Children using the proposed Dynabook (based on Alan Kay drawing) – CHM Revolution

As far as Apple goes, it was a different company every few years from the time I joined in It is not a tool, though it can act like many tools. Utilizamos cookies para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia. Before iPads or any of the tablets known today, there was the Dynabook, the vision that came to Alan Key over 40 years ago through which he wanted to take computing to children of all ages. You must have both to be literate.

In Aan created a very interesting concept—the Dynabook. Kay, in case you’re unfamiliar with his work, is a Kzy Award winner who played an integral role in the development of object-oriented programming.

How they deal with these issues is somewhat different.