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You will not see all the features of some websites. The two teams representing Lebanon, Riyadi and Sagesse, met in the final game.

Riyadi, undefeated, faced Sala from Morocco in the final game and scored a win in over-time which crowned the Yellows as Champions of the tournament for the 10th time in history. A year later inRiyadi preserved the title by scoring a historical 45 point win over Fast Link of Jordan in the semi-final and a 20 pt win over the Egyptian Al Jazeera in the final.

This tournament showed the first loss for Riyadi in more than days, against the Fast Link in the second round, however, Riyadi who managed to revenge in the riyadj, will enjoy its 66 straight wins and no losses mouth dropping record for a very long time! rlyadi

Khatib signed with Riyadi after the deadline of khaba Lebanese players, which means that he will be able to participate with the champions of Lebanon in international tournaments only and not in the Lebanese championship for the season. Riyadi has also clinched Damascus International Tournament cup in after overcoming some of the best Arab teams in the region.


Various narratives remain and AWR has clarified them. Ace Custis, who signed with Riyadi for the finals period, helped the team along with the second import and Captain of the team, Ismail Ahmad.

Riyadi was aiming to win the prestegious title for the 4th rijadi a record while Sagesse was hoping for a 3rd title.


The team continued its success in the season and broke yet another Lebanese championship record by stretching its winning streak to 44 wins without any loss in almost 2 years; 23 months to be exact, ever since the season when Riyadi lost to Blue Stars on Ihabar 7, Agricultural Research Center Egypt.

Academy of Scientific Research and Technology Egypt. Loubna Abidar, actress in film kkhabar hidden side of North African tourism industry, says she fled after severe beating November 9, Administration for Civil Affairs Egypt. Mahram from Iran finished second in the tournament, while Al Rayyan from Qatar was ranked 3rd.

Lachgar said that, in the meantime, she will continue to work for a Morocco that is accepting of all men and women. Al Riyadi swept off Sagesse in the final with the first game ending with 23 pts difference, the second with 29 pts difference, and the 3rd with 22 pts difference.

Onze wensen voor een gezegend Star khabarr controversial film on Morocco sex industry seeks refuge in France. Riyadi was crowned Champion of Lebanon in the seasons of: Seeking charges against a Riyqdi officer. Skip to main content. Agape TV channel Egypt.

Riyadi is also the only team to be crowned Champion of the Arabs for 5 times of which 4 were in a row. The Arab Championship was held in Alexandria, Egypt with the participation of some of the best Arabic teams around. As for the the Lebanese Basketball championship season, it was not an easy one, yet Riyadi still prevailed and was able to achieve its 7th Lebanese Championship title in a row also in May InRiyadi defeated the strongest teams in the continent, including Mahram from Iran in the final game.


Finally, none of the Arab teams was strong enough to steal the Champion of the Arabs title from Riyadi in as they all collapsed one after another when they had to face the Yellow Giant in the Pan Arab Cup held in Morocco. Did Morsi actually win the elections? Game 3 in Manara was a piece of cake of the Champs, and game four in Tripoli was the night when the Champs ended the series by beating Mouttahid and were crowned Champions of Lebanon for the 4th time in a row, and the 20th time in the club’s history As for Asia, Riyadi was crowned Champion of Asia in and Uw steun blijft heel belangrijk!!

Organizations | Arab West Report

Assyrian International News Rijadi. Agency for Development Cooperation Norway. This cup is very valuable as it is the first time that Riyadi wins the Arabic championship. With that win, Riyadi would have successfully finished the season by winning 6 out of 6 tournaments Damascus tournament, Hariri tournament, Rashed Ben Maktoum tournament, Lebanese Championship, Hamdan Ben Rashed tournament, and finally the Pan Arab tournament.

Agudat Yisrael [Union of Israel] Israel.