What is at stake in what I call the ‘agonistic’ struggle,[4] which I see as the core of a vibrant democracy, is the very configuration of power relations around which. The Belgian political theorist Chantal Mouffe, on the other hand, arrived at Mouffe called this kind of respectful conflict “agonistic pluralism” in contrast to both. Agonistic. Pluralism? / BY CHANTAL MOUFFE l’s testified by the increasing success of the extreme right in sev- eral countries, western societies are witnessing.

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Verso, and On the Political London: What they demand are better, more inclusive forms of representation.

Agonism – Wikipedia

The idea of an identity suitable for women and that would serve as a starting point for a feminist politics is replaced by a multiplicity of identities constantly produced in an agonistic space, opening the way for feminist emancipation. No wonder that the political constitutes its blind spot. The category of enemy does not disappear, however, for it remains pertinent with regard to those who, by questioning the very principles of pluralist democracy, cannot form part of the agonistic space.

Sign in Create an account. Colaguori further states that, “after years of technological progress, human societies are trapped in a perpetual dynamic of conflict and crisis, with modernization at a standstill.

Properly political questions always involve decisions which require us to make a choice between conflicting alternatives. Political Theory in Social and Political Philosophy categorize this paper.

Chantal Mouffe: Agonistic Democracy and Radical Politics

When the agonistic dynamics of pluralism is hindered because of a lack of democratic forms of identifications, passions cannot be given a democratic outlet and the ground is laid for various forms of politics articulated around essentialist identities of a nationalist, religious or ethnic type, and for the multiplication of confrontations over non-negotiable moral values, with all the manifestations of violence that such confrontations entail.


Conflict in democratic societies cannot and should not be eradicated since the specificity of modern democracy is precisely the recognition and the legitimation of conflict.

Contrary to the various liberal models, the agonistic approach that I am advocating recognizes that society is always agonistif instituted and never forgets that the terrain in which hegemonic interventions take place is always the outcome of previous hegemonic practices and that it is never an neutral one. This is, of course, what explains the success of Marine Le Pen in France and the fact that many French workers now vote for the Front National.

Social Research 66 3: This does not mean, though, as some seem to believe, that they could alone realize the transformations needed for the establishment of a new hegemony.

To acknowledge the dimension of the political as the ever present possibility of antagonism requires coming to terms with the lack of a final ground and the undecidability which pervades every order.

What is mkuffe here is to acknowledge that the very condition of possibility for the formation of political identities is at the same time the condition of impossibility of a society from which antagonism would have been eliminated.

Fascism, political ideology and mass movement that dominated many parts of central, southern, and eastern…. But when they are the only ones to offer an outlet for political passions, their pretense to offer an alternative is seductive and their appeal is likely to grow.


And this supposes a theoretical approach that does not deny the antagonistic dimension of the political.

Chantal Mouffe: Agonistic Democracy and Radical Politics | Pavilion Journal

Duke University Press, he argues for a radicalisation of democracy through mouvfe development of a new democratic ethos among citizens. Articles that may contain original research from September All articles that may contain original research Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles with multiple maintenance issues.

Summer ISSN The right state of things would be free of it: Every hegemonic order is susceptible of being challenged by counter-hegemonic practices, i. To look for an economic explanation is to miss the deep causes that are of a political nature.

Agonism can take a descriptive form, in which conflict is argued to be a necessary feature of all political systems, or a normative form, in which conflict is held to have some special value such that it is important to maintain conflicts within political systems. Verso,second edition A properly political pluralism must countenance different positions that are genuinely incompatible with one another.

The Return of the Political. How should democratic politics aagonistic with conflict?

Top of next column. Whereas for right-wing populism the adversary is identified with the immigrants or the Muslims, the adversary for a left-wing populist movement should mougfe constituted by the configuration of forces that sustain neo-liberal hegemony.

Antagonism is therefore an ever-present possibility. Hegemony and Socialist Strategy.

The Reinvention of Politics: