Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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Soon after their return Demosthenes, supported by Timarchus, a prominent politician, who had served with Demosthenes in the senate the previous year, brought formal charge of treason against Aeschines.

Yet these persons, brought to such straits as that, do nevertheless make some attempt to cover their shame: I have not come here to beg for mercy from you; nay, do with me what you will, if agxinst believe that I am such a man as that.

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus

We must try, rather, to break them of their habits by pains and penalties ; for so only can they be made endurable. How does he begin? Imagine that you see him when he gets home from the court-room, putting on airs in his lectures to his young men, and telling how successfully he stole the case away from the jury.

They were too modest to speak with the arm outside the cloak, but this man not long ago, yes, only the other day, in an assembly of the people threw off his cloak and leaped about like a gymnast, half naked, his body so reduced and befouled through drunkenness and lewdness that right-minded men, at least, covered their eyes, being ashamed for the city, that we should let such men as he be our advisers.

With whom does he love to be? Publications Pages Publications Pages. To give your verdict on the precise charges that are presented by the prosecu- tion.

Why do you suppose it is, fellow citizens, that the existing laws are good, but that the decrees of the city are inferior to them, and that the verdicts rendered in the courts are sometimes open to censure?

In this he met the determined op- position of Demosthenes, who succeeded in con- vincing the people that a war of this sort would, like the late Phocian war, give to Philip precisely the opportunity he was waiting for — to come down into central Greece as champion of one section against another, and so to gain control of both.

For his father had left him a very large property, which he has squandered, as I will show in the course of my speech. However, al- though the fact in this case is acknowledged, I re- member that we are in court, and so I have drafted an affidavit for Misgolas, true and not indelicate in its phrasing, as I flatter myself.

The city residence he sold to Nausicrates, the comic poet ; 1 afterward Cleae- netus, the chorus-master, bought it of Nausicrates for twenty minas. Be tov diro- retaai elfyvOrjra. Whereas the laws command that thieves who admit their guilt shall be punished with death; it is those who deny their guilt that are to be put on trial.

As for prostitition itself, while it was OK in classical Athens for non-citizens or slaves to be so employed, it was not OK for a citizen male: For if any such act has been committed by me, nay rather if my life has exhibited to you even any resemblance to that of which he accuses me, I feel that the rest of my life is not worth living; I freely concede you my punishment, that the state may have therein a defence in the eyes of Hellas.


Of these, Eupolemus was the first to die, before the estate had been divided ; next, Arizelus, the father of Timar- clms. And so decorous were those public men of old, Pericles, whose person was inviolate even in time of war, were often sent to carry messages from one state to another. And what would be the plea that either side would advance?

I imagine some of you have seen the place ; at any rate you have heard of it. And how does he command the pre- siding officers to proceed? And he commands that procurers, men and women, be indicted, and if they are convicted, be punished with death, because to people who lust after sin but hesitate and are ashamed to meet one another, the procurers offer their own shamelessness for pay, and make it possible to discuss the act and to accomplish it.

But since you do take refuge in the names of the lodgings, demanding that in our proof we specify every single house where you plied your trade, to such an argument as that you will never again resort, if you are wise, when you have heard what I am about to say.

We know nothing of Aeschines’ training for public speaking. He was probably honest in his conviction that Aeschines had, after the first embassy, gone over to the paid service of Philip. Aeschines was in ex- treme peril. Now, since he was not a private citizen, but active in politics and subject to scurrilous attack, he caused the city to become accustomed to this expression, and that is the reason why some men ask whether in a given case the practice has been “by written contract.

I hope, therefore, that in this introduction I have spoken as a quiet and modest citizen timrachus to speak. The foreigners were so scared that they dropped everything and ran away as againat as they could go. From the uncontra- dicted statements of both orators in their speeches Timardhus the Embassy we gather the following facts. Here was a man who had done him no wrong, but, quite the opposite, had been wronged by him, a man on whom he had no claim, in fact, a slave belonging to the city; this man he attempted to enslave to himself, alleging that he was his owner.

When, therefore, I have dared to bring impeachment against Timarchus for having prostituted himself, in order that I may deprive him of the right to address the people in assembly, Demosthenes says that the very act complained of calls, not for an accuser’s arraignment, but for the testimony of the tax-gatherer who collected this tax from Timarchus.

Those dances which were arranged for a circular dancing-ground were called “cyclic. He happens, indeed, to be of my own age, and was in the cadet corps with me; we are now in our forty-fifth year.

And not only did he eat it up, but, if one may so say, he also drank it up! In subsequent years we find him serving in the successful expedi- tion for the relief of Eretria in Euboea, hastily or- ganized under the enthusiasm aroused by Timotheus b.


To prove that I am not lying, I will produce witness that his father left the slaves ; but if he denies that he has sold them, let him pro- duce their persons in court.

tumarchus So, wishing to accustom those who are the wisest to speak on public affairs, and to make this obligatory upon them, since he cannot call on each one of them by name, he comprehends them all under the designation of the age-group as a whole, invites them to the platform, and urges them to address the people. Or is it a cultural construction?

He won the praise of his commander in an expedition for the relief of Phlius inand served in other Athenian expedi- tions, at last taking part in the battle of Mantinea.

He pro- phesies afainst Achilles too timarchhus not far from the end of life, and enjoins upon him, if it be in any wise possible, to make provision that even as they had grown up and lived together, even so when they are dead their bones may lie in the same coffer.

When I, fellow citizens, say not a word, you of yourselves shout the name of the acts of which you know he is guilty ; strange, then, it would be if, when I name them, you cannot remember them ; even had there been no trial of this case, he would have been convicted ; strange indeed then if, when the charge has been proved, he is timarcchus be acquitted!

Aeschines was one of the Athenian delegation, though not one of the two voting members. Consider, fellow citizens, how much attention that ancient lawgiver, Solon, gave to morality, as did Draco and the other lawgivers of those days. Unicode Buckwalter transliteration View by Default: One could, in other words, suffer a penalty if a one spoke at meetings of the assembly the main political bodyand b had ever done one or more of the following:.

He says first that the apartment house in Colonus which is called Demon’s is falsely named, for it does not belong to Demon. The series does not allow inclusion of a Greek text; Timafchus. Is there any man who would have testified, or any prosecutor who would have undertaken to present such proof of the act?

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus – Oxford Scholarship

Indeed, he proved to be, in a way, largely responsible for the fate of Timomachus. In this edition the critical notes record all read- ings accepted by the editor without manuscript timarchu. In addition to the procedure of dokimsia rhetoronthis speech involves other, very important concepts, also discussed on the terms page:. As regards the sexual side, what the dokimasia addressed was not being or having been a prostitute; it was being a prostitute or former prostitute yet still exercising full male-citizen rights.

For in addition to all the rest that is bad in him, this Demosthenes is an ill-mannered and boorish sort of person.