A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge [Josh Neufeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Now in paperback, The New York Times best- selling. “Josh Neufeld is a master storyteller. A.D. is intimate and yet seismic in its scope. His art takes us to the depth of the humanity of those we. Because, reading A.D: New Orleans after the Deluge on the Internet with interactive multimedia web links gave an experience that was not like.

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I selected Denise after hearing her on a public radio program. Not all of the characters stay behind and while all characters are followed, inevitably those who stay are the ones with the most character development.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. There were a few good parts where each person’s life and personality came through especially with the comic book lover, its almost as if the creator could relate. Related Links Contact us about speaking engagements with Josh Neufeld.

A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge

If you want to read more about what happened in New Orleans during Katrina, I also recommend the book “Five Days at Memorial” by Sheri Fink, which covers what happened at a hospital that flooded and lost power for several days. I doubt many knew the geography of the city better than me. Oct 06, Malbadeen rated it really liked it Shelves: This entry was posted in Book Reviews and tagged A. Other characters flee, or try unsuccessfully to ride out the storm.

Mar 22, Samantha Glasser rated it really liked it Shelves: The coming of the storm is handled very dramatically with wordless panels and was my favourite part of the book. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: People went to the Superdome with nothing! The name you want displayed with your comment.

In an experimental shift perhaps only The Doctor explaining the aftermath to Neufeld. The book does raise many questions that it does not seek to answer, maybe there are no answers. They say the Lord helps those who help themselves.


About Help Contact Press. Neufeld had volunteered with the Red Cross in the Gulf Coast after the hurricane, and said he had been deeply affected by the experience. Originally published as a webcomicA.

There isn’t enough here. Neufeld uses color in a unique way by giving each section of the book a specific color tone, adding to the all-encompassing changes this storm caused for New Orleans and so many other places and America. I wonder if any of you jerkoffs are really from New Orleans.

One thing I knew I wanted to do which was a major difference from the way the story was presented online was to integrate large two-page art spreads. And we see them coping not only with the outcome of their own decisions but also with those made by politicians, police, and others like themselves–decisions that drastically affect their lives, but over which they have no control. Those experiences with the Red Cross gave me a sense of connection that later provided vital background and context for A.

The first thing I think is that the art is fantastic. Newsw When you hear the name Katrina, what do you think?

But that’s common knowledge now. Bristling with attitude and pungent with social awareness. Just about ten years after the hurricane I am finally reading this book. And what was wrong with FEMA? As a human being, I was moved to volunteer with the Red Cross; as a cartoonist I needed to somehow document the event.

A.D. by Josh Neufeld | : Books

I would much rather have been in the flooded city doing something. Thousands waited in vain for buses to take them elsewhere. I found the experience of creating A. I turned another page and saw trees being toppled over, buildings torn apart, and streets being flooded. Brooke Gladstone on the Media W.

An essential addition to the ongoing conversation about what Katrina means, and what New Orleans means. Winds and rain veluge New Orleans and BiloxiMississippi. It is an actually account from a few survivors who stayed instead of evacuating. The artwork is powerful; orleanz depictions of the scope of the widespread physical destruction are balanced with the emotions on the faces of the individuals who faced the destruction of their city.


When I first introduced Denise in afteg strip, she was concerned that her character might be perceived as a stereotype. Tell us a little bit about each of these unique individuals and why you chose to tell their stories. The book edition of A.

I use the past tense because by now you have hopefully been able to find a way to get away from that person. Some searing moments, especially in the horrifying aftermath, hordes of people dumped at the Convention Center with no food or water, buses promised again and again that finally arrived only to drop off more people at the Convention Center instead of taking anyone away.

Three days after the hurricane and two days after the city began flooding. This site uses cookies. It managed to find new ways to sadden and outrage me, in particular the story of Denise, who stayed and experienced the horror of the Convention Center. The shrimp at his favorite restaurant isn’t as good as it used to be.

It has been on my reading list for a while. I took tons of photos, not just of them and their pets, homes, and cars, but also of the still flood-wracked parts of New Orleans. New Orleans After the Deluge is a masterful portrait of a city under siege.

I’m not an expert on these matters, so I think my timeline is correct.

This book is drawn decently well but overall the stories are shallow and predictable and I didn’t feel all that much for any of the characters.