A Sombra do Vento (Portuguese Edition) [Carlos Ruiz Zafón] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edição Especial dos três primeiros livros da . Sombra do Vento, A [Carlos Ruiz Zafon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Sombra do Vento (Portuguese Edition) [Carlos Ruiz Zafón] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mais de 25 MILHÕES de leitores. A Sombra .

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Waiting is the rust of the soul’ p. Those first images, the echo of words we think we have carols behind, accompany us throughout our lives and sculpt a palace in our memory to which, sooner or later—no matter how many books we read, how many worlds we discover, or how much we learn or forget — we will return.

A Sombra Do Vento : Carlos Ruiz Zafon :

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Lots of lovely, poetic lines worthy of dog-earing here, including: Finally most of the female characters were a little zacon two-dimensional and done unto even Nuria.

And destiny seems to reach in with its meddling hand and place things in necessary to it order. View all 13 comments. I felt as if I was transported to a world filled with musty books and trapdoors that led to aombra rooms housing all sorts of mysteries waiting to be uncovered. As soon as I began to read, I felt like falling into dark lives and tough times of the people, who are simply living the way they know, is the best for them.

And the pervasive sharp humor makes the story quite self-aware of its own stylized nature, making the elements that can easily turn annoying into fascinating bits instead.

Love is the engine of life and the beginning of misfortunes in this book. There he is allowed to xo one book that he will “adopt” and take care of, making sure it is never forgotten.

It reminds me of Cinema Paradiso both in its love affair with a medium and its portrayal of European life a couple generations past. Los personajes Los libros son caflos And yet, this novel has mood; it has a lush, Gabriel Garcia Marquez-meets-up-with-Stephen King-to-co-author-a-book-for-a-night feel. Start turning the pages!


Like, pretty much ALL dialogue between any two characters sounds like two bad actors, auditioning for roles, reading from a script that they’re holding nervously in their hands. Sep 10, Seth T. Lists with This Book. It was a gripping, creepy, interesting and a very imaginative Thank you Stjepan for a great recommendation: After three years of bitter fighting the Guiz Spanish Republic was extinguished and a fascist dictatorship was set up.

It was primarily told from Daniel’s point of view but also deftly used other character’s reminiscences to tell the story of Julian’s life and afforded nice opportunities for unreliable narrators and felt vert organic. I am glad Carloos did to, as I very much enjoyed the story both for its structure and for the characters within in it. But Carlod couldn’t absorb the idea that death could od walk by my side, with a human face and a heart that was poisoned with hatred, that death could ssombra dressed in a uniform or a raincoat, queue up at a cinema, laugh in bars, or take his children out for a walk in Ciudadela Park in the morning, and then, in the afternoon, make someone disappear in the dungeons of Montjuic Castle or in a common grave with no name or ceremony It isn’t like some over-the-top dystopia, but get on the wrong side of the wrong cop and your life can become a living hell.

To ask other readers questions about A Sombra do Ventoplease sign up. There veto a love of books at the centre and libraries and so a bibliophile is going to be attracted to it. A fun read, intriguing, fast-paced, with interesting and engaging characters.

A Sombra do Vento

It eventually develops into a pressing matter by the end of the story, but young Daniel is just as interested, if not more so, in girls and helping his father run the family bookstore. This is a lush and poetic tale that speaks of the power that books can have over the lives of their readers, as well as the triumph and devastation caused by a star-crossed love that must, but can not, be forgotten.


After finishing the book I just sat for an hour not wanting to do my usual stuff or write a review.

It’s a story about Time Oh my, I enjoyed his speeches so much as they felt like a small source of light in the dark atmosphere. The story played out over a pretty long period of time, about nine years, so we get to see how Daniel, who begins the story at the age of ten, grows up as well as the development of the characters around him.

Daniel is a protagonist who is hard not to root for as he falls in and out of love, tries to do the right thing, and trails after a mystery he’s unable to abandon because of a book he loves. There’s enough substance to fill one up and leave one off with a feeling of satisfaction and of time well spent. This book has a lot of witty quotes and lessons on love, life, friendship and misery.

The character of Fermin is a wonderful creation and worth reading the book for alone. City of Shadows, Days of Ashes those are chapter titles, and it fit the background story of the Osmbra Civil War and these days after the fall of Barcelona. I found this in The Shadow of the Wind.

The Shadow of the Wind Literary Tour

I wasn’t sure if it’s a page-turner and I had never heard of Carlos Ruiz Zafon or read his book before. Since its publication, La sombra del viento has garnered critical acclaim around the world and has won numerous international awards. View all 22 comments. View all 3 comments.